air dancers Features & Characteristics of AD Air Dancers

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 Air dancer is one of the inflatable advertising products in outdoor advertising, with the role of the wind dance, so attractive eye; for large-scale activities, festivals, advertising, company opening, product launches, trade shows, 
event planning And other occasions.
air dancers in the exhibition
air dancers in the exhibition
Air dancer for cartoon shape, mainly made of PVC environmentally friendly materials. This material is currently widely used in the international air film material.
Material in the folder is high-strength polyester silk woven fabric, high-quality PVC pulp, the use of scraping method coated on both sides of the folder network.
Currently air dancers are mostly single-legged dancers and legs dancers two kinds of people.

The color, size, specifications for air dancers
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Custom design Advertising Inflatable Air Dancer
Custom Design Single Leg Advertising Inflatable Air Dancer
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Air dancer size varies,conventional size 18 feet, there are 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters and other sizes, conventional thickness of 0.55MM, 0.48mm, 0.9mm, etc., of course, can also customize the thickness, size, style, color and cartoon style, or provide physical picture.
Can be customized in the air dancer ads, to achieve marketing purposes
Characteristics of  Air Dancers
1) less investment costs, re-use, easy to clean.
2) exquisite appearance, modeling novel, advertising effect is good.
3) The solid vent design is easy to inflate and deflate.
4) small size, easy to carry, deflated after folding can save a lot of space.
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