Outdoor advertising light box

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Light box : also known as "light box posters" or "night Ming posters". The outer frame of the lamp box is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and the box surface is made of organic glass.

light box

For the Outdoor advertising light box, its application is located in the road, on both sides of the street, as well as film (drama) hospital, exhibition (sales), commercial downtown, stations, airports, docks, parks and other public places.

Customized double sided advertising light box

Some people call it "semi-permanent" street art. The new flexible light box changed the traditional light box day effect is poor, there is no image, the word font monotonous regret, with its realistic image.

3d light box

Display a rich font, regardless of day and night are bright colors, strong texture shows the unique decorative effect. To the production of flexible light boxes technology and materials, technology can not only cover the entire wall of the giant light boxes and buildings dissolved in one, but also made into physical model, and a few years do not change color, easy to transport, easy to install, easy to wear and Flame retardant.


Light boxes are widely used in banks, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, gas stations, etc., has become a new form of store facade decoration. collection of various types of light box advertising suppliers, a wide range of products, welcome to come to view.