Swooper flag and swooper flagpole material use

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Swooper flags can be divided into: bamboo pole swooper flag, water swooper flag, beach swooper flag, advertising swooper  flag, etc., the following describes the size of several commonly used swooper flag.
Three meters water swooper flag size: 60*120, 60*90, 50*150, 60*160
Five meters water swooper flag size: 120*400, 120*350, 100*400, 100*350, 120*380, 100*380
Bamboo pole swooper flag commonly used size: 40*60, 60*90, 60*120, etc.
swooper flags
Water flag flagpole use, simple and easy, economical and practical, lightweight and rugged, easy to install, is a good helper for office and exhibition, and more for a variety of outdoor exhibition exhibition activities! Is your advertising industry the best quality choice.
Water flag flagpole material: the base of the new PE material, blow molding process, aluminum frame body, but also have strong anti-wind, anti-oxidation, environmental protection, more wear-resistant, the base is not easy to leak effect, the base can be sand, Is for the flag base of the counterweight, to strengthen the wind resistance.
Aluminum alloy flagpole weight 4KG, the bottom of the water bottle about 4KG net weight, water injection weight 60KG. Subject to physical weight.
Beach flag size:
Swooper beach flag trumpet: 65.3 X 5000px, with 3 m knife flag flagpole,Medium: 70.4 X 7500px with 4 m swooper flag flagpole,Large: 80.5 X 10000px with 5 meters of swooper flag flagpole;
Drop-shaped beach swooper flag trumpet: 79 X 4750px, with 3 m knife flag flagpole, medium: 97 X 7500px with 4 m knife flag flagpole, large: 109 X 9700px with 5 m knife flag flag; Flag size are commonly used specifications, other special specifications can also be customized, we will be required to produce.

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