ClearCoin - Bringing Transparency to the Advertising World with Blockchain Tech

Release time:  2018-01-09 Release source:  News Desk author:  ADNose browse:  192

With the global advertising landscape changing rapidly, new challenges have emerged, all the way from ensuring the effectiveness of ads to preventing ad fraud, which is estimated to be over $16 billion in 2017 alone.

Typically, ad buying has been handled by professionals, but with increasing competition, we have witnessed a move towards programmatic ad buying, which involves the use of software, requiring minimal human input. However, blockchain technology, with its immutable ledger, presents a unique opportunity for an innovative platform that can change the way an industry operates – and in the case of the advertising and media buying/selling space, ClearCoin aims to bridge that gap.

Backed by a team experienced in the advertising industry, and a CEO, Jay Singh, who has started multiple venture capital-backed companies that have raised millions in revenue, ClearCoin envisions a transparent, simple and hassle-free media buying and selling experience.

All transactions via the ClearCoin platform will be recorded on the blockchain, and holders of CLR tokens will be able to execute ad buys natively using the three-step approach:

1. Media Planning: Setting target audience parameters using demographic and psychographic filters.

2. Media Buying: Choosing campaign time period, frequency, budget, model and preferred publishers.

3. Tracking & Analysis: Getting all relevant tracking data, including impressions and qualitative measurements, along with ROI.

Additionally, ClearCoin is also planning ahead with both, Supply and Demand side APIs, ensuring that third-party applications in the future can utilize the platform’s infrastructure to fill or purchase ad inventory seamlessly.

In a bid to reduce advertising fraud, ClearCoin will be utilizing its custom-built Blockchain Ad Protocol, which records and tracks advertising impressions on an immutable ledger. This proof-of-history tracking technology will utilize encryption to secure user data and ensure privacy, alongside filtering out fraudulent impressions and ad activity.

If you’re interested in the project, the ClearCoin Token Sale is currently ongoing, and is scheduled to end in March, 2018. CLR, the platform’s native currency, is an ERC20 token with a total supply of 1 billion and has a starting price of $0.01.

Interestingly, the ClearCoin Token Sale accepts over 60 different cryptocurrencies, and you can join the token sale on the official website.