Registration for Christmas Promotion

Release time:  2017-10-17 author:  adnose browse:  622

The period between October and December is always being the the peak season of global sourcing. Because of the Christmas is near, the demand of printing products increased greatly.

Registration for Christmas Promotion

For simplifying the search of required products and reducing the time-wasted of customers, ADnose will launch a special purchasing activity of one stop shopping service for Christmas.

Registration Period: October 18-20 (3 days)

Activity Duration: October25 - December 9 (45 days)

Detailed categories as below:

1. Christmas-related flags (indoor/outdoor decoration flags, garden flags, or banners etc.)

2. Christmas-related inflatable products (inflatable arch, house or balloons etc.)

3. Christmas suit (clothes, Caps, hairpieces, or belts etc.)

4. Christmas Card/Stickers

5. Christmas Gift

Benefits of registration:

1. Higher customer flow.

2. Higher exposure rate.

3. More opportunities.

This activity does not set restrictions of level of members, so the settled merchants who meet the requirements can sign up freely. And please note that the design of web page should be vary with the price information.

Because this is the first time of launching activity, the registration can only be processed by sending email or contacting customer services.  Once the application successfully processed, we will reply immediately.