Columbia international advertising exhibition in 2017

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Exhibition English name: Columbia international advertising exhibition in 2017

Holding time: 2017/6/6---2017/6/9

Exhibition hall: Bogota International Convention and Exhibition Center

Industry owned: Advertising media

Exhibition city: abroad/ Columbia

Number of sessions held:13 sessions

Holding cycle: Biennial session

Exhibition Overview

Columbia international advertising printing exhibition is one of the important projects in the country's state-run exhibition company Bogota exhibition company, Has been successfully held for nearly thirteen years, the exhibition biennial, is the oldest local and the only ad printing exhibition. In 2015, the exhibition area reached nearly 12000 square meters, divided into three halls, attracted more than 120 exhibitors, The International Pavilion came from China, Brazil, Holland, United States, Peru and other countries, 25000 professional visiting merchants.

Market overview:

The Republic of Columbia is located in the northwest of South America, the land area of about 1 million 142 thousand square kilometers, rank South America fourth. Columbia is the only country in South America that has the North Pacific coastline and the Caribbean coastline. As of 2014, the total population of Columbia was 46 million 400 thousand, and it was the second largest country in South America, Columbia has a diversified economy in terms of long-term macroeconomic stability and good growth prospects. Columbia is a middle power and Latin America's fourth largest economy, but also the world's emerging market. In February 7, 1980, diplomatic relations were established between the Republic of People's Republic of China and the Republic of Columbia. In June and September of the same year, China and Columbia set up embassies with each other, In November 1989, the two countries reached an agreement on setting up consulates with each other, and the Chinese Consulate in Barranquilla opened in June 1990. In December 2011, the two sides reached an agreement on the establishment of the Consulate General of Columbia in Shanghai. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have developed steadily, and exchanges and cooperation in various fields have been expanding, and good cooperation has been maintained in international affairs. On May 2015, Premier Li Keqiang paid an official visit to Columbia, In November of the same year, President Xi Jinping held bilateral meetings with President Santos during the twenty-third APEC leaders' informal meeting in Philippines Manila.

The volume of China and Columbia trade has increased rapidly in recent years. China is the second largest trading partner of Columbia. Columbia is China's fifth largest trading partner in Latin America. In 2015, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between Columbia and China was $12 billion 300 million, Columbia exports to china $2 billion 260 million, down 60.7%, Accounting for 6.3% of Columbia's total exports, Decline by 4.2 percentage points. The decline in international oil prices is the main reason for the sharp decline in bilateral trade volume. China has become the second largest source of imports and the third largest export market in Columbia.

Exhibition opportunity

In 2015, Columbia's advertising printing output reached $1 billion 600 million, or 4.8% of the country's total. Direct employee reached 34000 people. According to Columbia customs statistics, In recent years, Columbia imported advertising machinery printing amount of up to 67 million 600 thousand U. S. dollars, The major importing countries are Germany, China, Switzerland, the United States, Japan and Italy. At the same time, the import quota of printing and packaging machinery is increasing year by year, Columbia international advertising exhibition as a professional platform for exhibitors to bring the following more opportunities:

1, In-depth study of the Latin American market and merchants demand.

2, Improve corporate image and brand display in the same industry.

3, Look forward to the development trend of the industry, determine the advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise, and formulate the future development plan of the enterprise.

4, Through the exhibition platform, directly to the decision-making level merchants, for follow-up cooperation to establish a good beginning.

5, The exhibition has a variety of opportunities for business opportunities, more contacts with potential partners and customers in the industry.

6, Predict the development direction of competitors, and enhance their competitiveness.

7, For enterprises to develop new products to provide more innovative resources.

Exhibition scope

Indoor and outdoor advertising equipment: Digital inkjet equipment, Engraving machine equipment, Cutting machine equipment, Pressure gram making equipment, Video photo equipment, Mounting plastic sealing equipment, Three side turning equipment, LED, Advertising equipment and spare parts;

Advertising consumables and materials: Inkjet portray a person medium, Various types of ink products, Light box cloth, Reflective material, Various types of plates, PS edition, Plate making equipment, Plate making material, Photographic film and suit liquid, Detergent、Sticky net glue, Fixing agent, Glazing agent, plate burning lamp, Dusting, Transmission equipment and various cutting edge, cutting tools, inkjet ink, ink-jet printing paper

Advertising photography, film and television advertising make technology: brand mark Processing and making, identification making material and processing, Indoor and outdoor advertising engineering making, Lamp box, neon lamp product, Camera equipment, Printing system, Film, Film and television advertising, photography, production and post production technical equipment, Digital stunt, Caption synthesis system, Radio and television equipment, Giant electronic display screen, Display equipment for large screen TV system, Exhibits, display techniques and equipment

Screen printing: Offset press, plate making equipment, die cutting machine, plate burning machine, label printing machine, Desktop production system, Advertising creative production system, Software,Scanners, etc., Paper cutting machine, binding machine, laminating machine, folding machine, laminator, creasing machine, bronzing machine, Embossing press, gravure press, screen printing machine, business card printing machine, screen printing technology and equipment, Digital printing technology and equipment, Printing accessories equipment, Printing accessories and equipment, printing, composite cots, ink, plates, photosensitive film, etc..