2017 Eighth Asian International Exhibition on Label Printing

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Exhibition English Name: 2017 Eighth Asian International Exhibition on Label Printing

Holding time:2017/12/5---2017/12/8

Exhibition hall: Shanghai New International Expo Center  Long yang Road, Pudong New Area No. 2345 Shanghai, China   Bus Line

Industry Owned: Printed package   Trade journal

Exhibition city: Shanghai /Shanghai City

Sponsor: China Printing Technology Association

Exhibition area: 23000 square meters

Exhibition hall:E1 display hall, E2 display hall

Number of sessions held: eight sessions

Holding cycle: twice a year

Exhibition Overview

Asia international label printing founded in 2003 (Labelexpo Asia) face to Asia Pacific region, every two years held in Asia's fastest growing label products regional center – Shanghai China. China is not only one of the fastest growing regions in the world, but also a young market. For everyone, both opportunities and challenges exist in this market, Because of this, it is easy to see why there are so many label suppliers looking forward to the development of china. The status of the leading enterprises in Europe and America and even Asia market has not been determined in the Chinese market, Therefore, for every enterprise, there is the possibility of winning the market. Many large terminal users look for China, even the Asian market as their  label products processing source, Therefore, they spare no effort to encourage local printing enterprises / manufacturer to invest high quality equipments and materials. These new equipments and new materials in Asia international label printing Exhibition (Labelexpo Asia) will be at a glance. In recent years, the Pan Asian market has become a driving force for the development of label printing materials and technologies worldwide. Only in the Chinese market, annual demand for labels makes up 30% of the world's total (about 13 billion 500 million square meters of label material).

China's packaging printing (including labels, flexible packaging and corrugated box printing) has accounted for 50% of the country's total printing; With the rapid development of the past 10 years, China's packaging and printing market has reached an impressive figure. With China's accession to the world trade organization, the pace of reform and opening up will be further deepened, and it will also drive China's export trade and the use of label products. At present, the Chinese government's main objective is to further improve the production equipment, improve operational performance, strengthen management to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the international market.


Exhibition Scope

Processing equipment

The latest technology

A press that prints a wide variety of materials

Digital press

Laser die cutting equipment


Prepress technology and plate making technology

Line finishing system

Multipass ink system

Variable information printing / variable image printing material

High tech label materials such as film tag materials, sleeves and winding films