2017/5/23--2017/5/25 International Advertising Logo and Digital Printing Exhibition,ShenZhen,China

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Exhibition English Name: Digital Print Expo Shenzhen

Holding time:2017/5/23---2017/5/25

Exhibition hall: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center     Shenzhen City, Futian District, Fuhua No.3 Road Shenzhen Exhibition Center    Bus Line

Industry Owned: Advertising media   Trade journal

Exhibition city: Guangdong Shenzhen

Sponsor: China Screen Printing Industry Association

Exhibition area: 7500 square meters

Exhibition hall:No.8 display hall

Number of sessions held: A session

Holding cycle: Once a year


Exhibition Overview

2017 Shenzhen international advertising logo and Digital Printing Exhibition (Digital Print Expo ShenZhen), referred to as DPESZ. The total area will reach ten thousand square meters, the purpose is to build the best quality products and the most advanced product technology exhibition platform. We will focus on gathering the world's most advanced advertising printing, digital printing, silk screen printing technology together to the current exhibition, And will devote all the professional knowledge and resources that have been accumulated into different industries so far to the exhibition, I believe that the 2017 Shenzhen international advertising logo and digital printing exhibition is a wonderful exhibition.


Exhibition Scope

Spray printing display area

Jet printing technology

Digital jet printing equipment

Home and abroad digital inkjet equipment, photo equipment, UV flat-panel printers, digital textile printing machine, heat transfer equipment, digital imaging output device, scroll machine, laminating machine, splicing machine, film laminating, Jet printing related consumables and accessories etc.

Digital jet printing

Logo exhibition area

Logo light box display equipment

Logo, light box, display equipment

Logo, sign, Light box, Aluminum extruded sections, Display equipment, LED lighting logo, Decorative materials, Digital signage, Advertising paint, Mark light box glue, Single column antiaircraft gun, TianYuan ect.

Logo light box display equipment

Printing exhibition area

Production digital printing equipment, Variable data printing equipment, Digital paper printing machine, Label printing equipment, Traditional silk screen, Screen printing technology, Traditional screen printing consumables ect.