Outdoor inflatable advertising products

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Outdoor inflatable advertising products, is a kind of new advertising media. It was probably introduced to both China by Abroad about Mid-1980s.

Tomsen is the earliest Advertisers that engages in the production of inflatable cartoon. Using a large number of cartoons made in the United States, Varity kinds of animation, to make inflatable model. The production image of inflatable products are lifelike. Popular by many teenage.

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Inflatable advertising products, usually use encryption Oxford material. The PE material compared with the traditional coated PVC material. Have the advantage of not easy to tear, good sealing.

There are many different kinds of inflatable model in the market, Including arches, inflatable columns, wedding, cartoon, the product model, amusement facilities, water adventure playground, inflatable castles and so on.

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Inflatable advertising products are widely used in many ways. Include the advertising industry, amusement, sports, TV entertainment, wedding, event promotion etc.

Therefore, inflatable advertising products soon be some smart advertisers, developed rapidly.

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