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Duplex Board Grey Back,Duplex Board White Back,Folding Box Board,Laminated Grey Board,NCR Carbonless Paper

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As 2nd larggest duplex board paper mill group in china, our annual output is more than 2,000,000(2 million) tons. Annual sales is more than 1 billion USD. We believe only super powerful manufacturer will support you to success in business and competition. Our group has 16 paper production lines, more than 3000 workers. Our total investment is more than 1 billion USD, We are undisputed top leading manufacturer in duplex paper card board field in china. We believe quality is No.1 importa...[detailed]

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  • Company address: 57# Jiangbin west road,Fuyang City,Hangzhou,zhejing province ,China
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  • Tel.: 1312561448
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