Likang fungicide


1 test

Trial in a dozen small cities

The first bottle of 50 cents is paid by the manufacturer. If people are willing to continue using it after trial, they can purchase 6 bottles of 1 dollar bottle of medicine guaranteed by the pharmacist. If they are not satisfied with the effect, they can get a full refund. The result is very good.

2 to expand to the country

8, Van Camp lentil shredded pork

Problem: 94% of women cook it at home, and only 6% buy it at the store.



1 Conduct activities against home-made lentil shredded pork

2Provide samples made by the factory, telling everyone why the lentils shredded at home are not easy to digest

3 Explain the good reasons for factory production, how to choose ingredients, how to choose water quality, and how to cook differently.

4 provide free sample samples for everyone to compare

5 cans can be delivered to various lunch supply points and restaurants

6Talk with the facts and tell everyone the number of sales at the supply location

Van Camp milk


1 coupon with 10 cents discount

2 interested people can cut the coupon to the dealer to buy

3 talk about the benefits of canned milk

4 Every time you buy 6 cans of milk, you can get a mysterious gift.

Mark: Gifts must be what women want, as long as they are reasonably priced

10, Hudson car

1 Ordinary buyers are more concerned about good engineering design

2 highlights Howard Coffe, chief engineer

3 List 48 engineers across the company, depicting their personality and achievements

Overland car

1 Tell the brand story "The Wonderful Overland Story", describing how demand can make a forced company fail to pay off. This story allows the public to think and follow the trend.

Experience: People, like sheep, can't judge value, so they will follow the trend of the public.

12, Leo car

1 The new model is named Leo Five Generation, which is different from other previous models.

2 Highlight the promotion of Mr. Oz, claiming that this car is "my farewell work."


3 Every signature on his advertisement shows sincerity.

13, Mitchell car

1 found features: this manufacturer has competent efficiency experts

2Ad Title: "John Bate Efficiency Expert"

3 tell the story of this person and the method he uses

14, Studebeck car

1 reference sales data

2 Use real data to show how mass production can reduce costs

15, Goodyear tires

Question: A straight-sided tire promoted by the manufacturer, the public has heard of it, but has never known what it is.

Solution process:

1 changed its name to “Yonggu Tire” and publicized “Tire permanent, 10% capacity expansion”.

2 Daxie promotes the company's sales increase data, guiding many people to follow suit.

3 later renamed "all-weather non-slip tires"

Question: How do I get the dealer to stock?

Solution: Print the name of the dealer in stock on the newspaper advertisement. Let dealers without stocks actively purchase tires for inventory.