Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising targets the mass market
Re-inforces the availability of the brand
Re-assures the consumer of the brand choice
Provides the retailer with proof of advertising support
Reaches markets no other advertising medium can
Builds brand loyalty
Maintains brand dominance
Strategically located
Coverage, frequency and impact

Why Use Outdoor Advertising

1.  Last universal advertising media
Last true broadcast advertising medium
The most public advertising medium available
Free to user
Media fragmentation

2.  Target your audience efficiently
Target a precise audience in a specific city or broad based population
Efficiently target particular ethnic groups, ages, income or other demographic segments

3.  Positioning at point of purchase
Over 70% of purchase decisions are made in store
Provide the last hit before the purchase
Generate extensive awareness near point of purchase

4.  Outdoor advertising cannot be 'turned off'
Outdoor advertising is 'on' 24 hours per day
Extends the life of your advertising campaign

5.  Larger than life
Big brand feel
Outdoor advertising compels attention and stimulates recall
Size builds brand's stature

6.  Consumer pull distributor push
Visual support to distributors
Encourages trade retailers' endorsement and in store exposure
Ideal for penetrating competitive strongholds

7.  Consumers like outdoor advertising
Sources of information for new products, store locations and event advertising
Become talking points
Geo-demographic relevance

8.  Access to hard to reach consumers
Leisure time
Free to user
Young people
Business people
Lower income areas where other advertisingmedia are not available or accessed

9.  Media mix
Outdoor advertising can be combined with other mediums
Outdoor advertising increases the reach and frequency of the overall campaign
Reminds consumers about campaigns in other media

10.  Outdoor advertising is reported in other media
Outdoor is in the public domain
Outdoor is talked about
Other media report on exceptional creativity, new campaigns, interesting news about clients, all of which generate valuable extra coverage and exposure