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Shop Introduction

Suzhou Chuanhai Garment Accessories CO., Ltd is a 12 - year production enterprise specialized in the garment transfer related product package solution. We have a strong sales team, professional research and development personnel, advanced production equipment, perfect quality assurance system, customer service and thoughtful service process.Our company's main products are regular heat transfer, photo type heat transfer, reflective heat transfer and silicon rubber heat transfer. We can custom...[detailed]

Contact Details

  • Company address: Floor 3, Bldg. C16-2, 1st Ind. Zone, No. 2588, Wuzhong Road, Wuzhong Dist., Suzhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Contact person:
  • Cellphone No.: 18551131790
  • Tel.: 18551131790
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  • Website:

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