On March 14, local time, China Railway Construction Won the bid for the franchise project of Cokimbo Hospital in Chile, which is the largest single franchise medical project won by a Chinese enterprise in Chile.


The project is located in Coquimbo city, Coquimbo region of Chile, about 470 kilometers north of the capital Santiago. It is the first overseas franchised hospital project of CRCC, led by CRCC International Group. The project is a PPP project with a contract value of about $669 million and a gross floor area of about 131,400 square meters. Upon completion, the project will be the largest comprehensive modern hospital in Coquimbo region, benefiting about 980,000 people in Limaari, Arqui and Choapa provinces. It will form a medical network with the new hospital in the adjacent city of La Serena, which is of great significance to improve the overall medical service level in Coquimbo region.

The project plans to provide 605 beds and 22 operating rooms. The construction period of the project is about 5 years, and the main implementation content includes design, construction, procurement, installation and training of medical equipment. The maintenance period of the project is 15 years, and the main content is to maintain the infrastructure of the hospital.

At present, CRCC's operation in Chile has broken through the "firsts" of many Chinese enterprises, and it has contracted the first Shield construction subway project of Chinese enterprises in South America -- section 1 of Santiago Metro Line 7 project, and the franchising project of Talca-Chilian section of Highway 5, the first HIGHWAY PPP project of Chinese enterprises in Chile. Moreover, it has implemented 7 medical and health projects in Trinidad and Tobago, a Central American island country, and has rich experience in infrastructure investment, construction and maintenance of medical and health facilities, forming a unique industry advantage and radiation effect. CRCC will give full play to the advantages of super-large infrastructure developers in terms of capital, technology and organization, and further drive Chinese technology, equipment and capital into the Chilean market.