With year-on-year growth of 52.3%, the Ministry of Commerce will push forward the construction of comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce and copy and promote mature experience and practices

Cross-border e-commerce imports and exports totaled us $20.28 billion in 2018, up 52.3 percent year-on-year, said zhong shan, minister of commerce, when he delivered a report to the 14th session of the 13th standing committee of the National People's Congress on Friday on efforts to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and promote high-quality development of trade. The next step will be to "promote the development of new forms of trade, promote the construction of comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce, and copy and promote mature experience and practices".

How to promote the development of new forms of trade and foster new growth points in foreign trade? A member of the standing committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) suggested that new forms and models of foreign trade be listed on the technology innovation board. Another suggested "a subtle export of our rules and standards".

1. Actively participate in the construction of international rule system

Qian fangli, a member of the financial and economic committee of the National People's Congress, said that according to statistics from the cyberspace administration of the CPC Central Committee, China's digital economy has reached 31.3 trillion yuan in 2018, accounting for 34.8 percent of GDP and becoming an important driver of economic development. In terms of digital technology application innovation, China has realized the transformation from following to running and leading (we are now the world leader in technology application, but the technology innovation is not as good as the United States and other countries). "China should take the initiative to participate in the construction of international rule system of digital economy based on industrial advantages. We will support enterprises to participate in the construction of global cross-border trade services infrastructure, explore new business rules in the field of trade, and support Chinese digital economy enterprises in overseas mergers and acquisitions. Silently export our rules and standards. For example, alibaba has acquired Trendyol, an e-commerce company in Turkey, and is now adopting alibaba's technical standards and rules.

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2. Support the listing of new business model technology innovation board

Finance and economic committee assistant director committee member of the National People's Congress, Mr. Liu said report will "expand the cross-border investment and financing channels," the statement should be added after "further intensify financial support for trade in services, improve the export credit mechanism, support eligible foreign trade enterprises listed on the capital market financing, mergers and reorganization, the support of new forms of foreign trade, the new mode in kechuang board listed, expand my overseas enterprises in overseas financing path", "make full use of the capital market, encourage foreign trade enterprises bigger and stronger. In particular, we will support qualified foreign trade enterprises to be listed on the technology innovation board of the Shanghai stock exchange. Some new trading methods, especially digital trading methods, should be fully developed after the company goes public.

3. Build cross-border e-commerce cluster

Member Wang Xiankui Suggestions to improve cross-border e-commerce policy and regulation system, and promote foreign trade enterprises and cross-border e-commerce platform, to build a number of cross-border e-commerce concentrated area, "on the logistics distribution and logistics play to the role of the e-commerce platform, containers don't take it down when no warehouse, container to improve turnover rate. However, after the container is unloaded, the empty container rate is not good even if it is high. The relevant departments of the state should take the lead, the major companies and local authorities should cooperate with each other, and the upper and lower departments should cooperate with each other.

New forms of foreign trade should break the bottleneck of development

Commissioner lee ye-tomahawk, feng is put forward, in shenzhen, chongqing and other places investigation understands, also faces some of the more typical foreign trade transformation and upgrading is the difficulties and problems, new forms of foreign trade development bottlenecks, evident in the foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, "survey in shenzhen, have foreign trade enterprise reflect the comprehensive services, and most of bank financing credit as an important reference to import and export scale, but these industries have the characteristics of light assets, the decline in the import and export business leads directly Banks tightened credit, the enterprise develops the business more difficult. It is understood that from January to August, the import and export of shenzhen's foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises reached 255.85 billion yuan, down 18.6%. Among the top ten foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, only 3 realized the import and export growth, and 2 saw a drop of more than 30%. According to the investigation in chongqing, there is also the problem of decoupling between supply chain business and supply chain finance in chongqing, especially the lack of financial support in the construction of international trade channels, the application of spot and futures ratio, supply chain financial product design, etc., which affects the development of new forms of foreign trade to a certain extent.

5 push the Chinese standard to "One Belt And One Road"

'the next step for foreign trade is to push out our products, our technology and our services to the international market,' said Mr. Zhao. "How can it be pushed out? It's very important to pay attention to standards. Because standards are the passport to the introduction of these products, technologies and services, if this job is not paid enough attention, it will be detrimental to foreign trade."

According to zhao xiangeng, there are still many national standards, industrial standards and local standards in China, and the proportion of group standards is relatively low. In fact, dealing with the international market mainly depends on group standards. Therefore, we hope government departments, state-owned enterprises and central enterprises can pay more attention to this aspect. In the process of investigation, we learned that private enterprises attach great importance to it, but state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, including government departments do not pay enough attention to it. For example, the next step the key work further pushing forward the construction of the 'neighbourhood' all the way to promote foreign contracted projects in order to increase the export of equipment, technology and services, actually to foreign contracted projects in order to increase the export of equipment, technology and service, must want to rely on standard support, especially in the countries along the way ' 'area, standard introduced to China, so your equipment, technology and services can be accepted by others ".

6 to adapt to the requirements of globalization


How to maintain China's traditional advantages in foreign trade and accelerate the cultivation of new competitive advantages under the historical background of major changes in the international environment and domestic development conditions. Big problems like this need special study. Things have changed a lot. In the past, the level of globalization was relatively low. When we entered the WTO, we still made a lot of concessions. We were also worried that there would be problems. The trend of globalization is irreversible. The so-called anti-globalization is nothing more than globalization reaching a new height. The reason why we want high-quality development is that foreign trade needs to adapt to the current requirements of globalization and develop in a high-quality direction. Just saying that we need to promote greater openness, inclusiveness and inclusiveness is not enough. We need to come up with concrete measures. Now globalization has raised the bar, how do we adapt to the raised bar? We are still a developing country. On the one hand, some things have passed the threshold, but on the other hand, many things have not. On the one hand, we are facing developed countries, which cannot give up its traditional advantage. On the other hand, we have opened up the "One Belt And One Road" countries. We are truly open to all aspects, and the world is indeed divided into different levels. All these problems need in-depth analysis.