On October 17, the Swiss brand exhibition center ribbon-cutting ceremony in tianzhu comprehensive free trade zone held a grand cross-border electricity business experience centre, the Swiss brand exhibition center by eu-china business association and the Swiss federal, small and medium-sized enterprise association jointly sponsored the first brand in Switzerland, more than 30, the vast majority for the first time in China, this activity obtained the Swiss embassy in Beijing, Beijing municipal bureau of commerce, tianzhu comprehensive bonded area management committee and shunyi district business bureau and other units of support.


Rick in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the 69th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Swiss brand exhibition center depends on the policy advantages of free trade agreement, and based on the function of Beijing tianzhu comprehensive free trade zone policy advantage and capital spending to upgrade an opportunity to build the trade service platform, to develop the cross-border business, develops the Swiss commodity to enter the Chinese market sales channels, promote the growth of bilateral trade, promote market consumption upgrading.

2013 years, the two sides signed a free trade agreement, it is also the first Chinese and continental European countries, the world's top 20 largest economies the free trade agreement, signed by the agreement, Switzerland for 99.7% of China's products immediately implement zero tariff, China will eventually implement zero tariff, in Switzerland 84.7% products with some tax reduction product, eventually the Swiss participate in tax reduction ratio reached 99.99%, 96.5% in China this will be far more than the fta commonly 90% level.

In 2018, bilateral trade volume increased to 45.08 billion us dollars, accounting for 7.64% of the total trade volume of Switzerland. Both trade volume and proportion reached a record high. China has become the third largest export market of Switzerland. In the import business, China has become the sixth largest source of import for Switzerland, accounting for 5.3% of the import volume. The bilateral trade relationship is close with rapid growth.

Swiss brand exhibition center precision positioning high-end consumption market in the capital, is the eu-china business association in the consumer market in China made a decision after serious research, the first brand of goods through the screening of enterprises in the European Union, Switzerland, and review the final product has more than 30 Switzerland brand exhibition center in Switzerland, the vast majority for the first time in China.

Swiss brand exhibition center will make use of tianzhu heddle area bao advantageous location, excellent enterprise support policies, direct and efficient port function and perfect infrastructure cross-border electricity driven Swiss brand exhibition center, business development, with the help of China to promote industrial agglomeration, guide consumption upgrading golden development, establish the Swiss brands enter the Chinese market scientific and complete system and the security and stability of channel.

In the future, the Swiss brand exhibition center will be in the form of cross-border electrical business, general trade to build online channels, optimize the mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions market layout and regulation, make goods sales in China, Switzerland and distributing center, exhibition center will also be focused on increasing online experience activities, to create three-dimensional cross-border consumption system.