In the golden autumn, the heilongjiang river, the border between China and Russia, is windy and the lowest temperature is approaching zero degrees Celsius. For heihe port, which is located by the river, the border trade between China and Russia is not cold because of the cold weather. The cargo terminal is busy, with workers rushing to transport import and export goods.

At heihe shunxing economic and trade co., workers pack apples, Onions, carrots and other fruits and vegetables. Trucks loaded with fruits and vegetables drive to heihe port to wait for clearance. 'last year, Russia's inspection and quarantine procedures for fruits and vegetables exported to Russia via heihe port were greatly simplified and the volume of exports increased, which means that the Russian public's recognition of the quality of Chinese fruits and vegetables is rising, and the international competitiveness of Chinese fruits and vegetables exports is further enhanced,' said Mr. Sylvan, the company's general manager.

As the bilateral trade between China and Russia continues to heat up, Chinese fruits and vegetables with high quality and low price have gradually established a good brand image among the Russian people. Statistics from heihe bureau of commerce show that from January to July this year, the export of agricultural and sideline products at heihe port reached 156,644,900 yuan, up 8.46% year on year.

A staff member of heihe port office told reporters that the mutual recognition of the supervision results between China and Russia has ensured the smooth customs clearance of fruits and vegetables, and the inspection of fruits and vegetables exported to Russia has been completed within 24 hours. This has greatly enhanced the vitality of heihe port.

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As heihe engaged in the Russian professional car import and export trade leading enterprises, not long ago, heihe city li yuan da automobile sales co., LTD. Production of engineering vehicles through heihe port exports to Russia. Xuanzhaoli, director of heihe's commerce bureau, said the port's exports of mechanical and electrical products to Russia have increased significantly. In the first seven months of this year, the city's exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 560.8384 million yuan, up 59.81 percent year-on-year.

A milk tanker carrying fresh milk from Russian pastures has passed the dongning port in heilongjiang province and entered China after being inspected by the customs of China and Russia. This is the first time for China to import raw milk from Russia, marking the official opening of the raw milk trade channel between China and Russia.

It is understood that this batch of raw milk is produced by zhongding animal husbandry Russian pasture, by the professional transport company throughout the cold chain transport. The ranch is just 25 kilometers from the border crossing of dongning between China and Russia. Sun guoqiang, President of zhongding animal husbandry, introduced that the company will invest 2.2 billion yuan in the Russian far east to establish a "china-russia agricultural and animal husbandry industry demonstration park", covering three sectors including agricultural cultivation, animal husbandry, feed and grain trade.

At present, the tripod in the animal husbandry in Russia was put into operation one 1000 cows grazing, the future will use 3 years to 5 years in Russia primorsky region built 10 5000 scale farm group, after the nissan 1000 tons of raw milk, will be shipped by port dongning back to dairy product processing factory is located in mudanjiang city development zone, production and processing high-end dairy products.

As a century-old border port between China and Russia, suifenhe port has highway and railway. Over 10 million tons of goods and over one million passengers pass through the port annually. According to liu jieming, director of suifenhe bureau of commerce, suifenhe's trade with Russia accounts for about a quarter of heilongjiang province's total.

In the railway yard of suifenhe port, nearly a hundred train wagons, loaded with timber imported from Russia, were neatly parked on the railway line, waiting for the transformation. Enter suifenhe country forest industry city wood production workshop, workers are giving wood brush glue, stacked, loading, a busy scene.

At the end of August this year, after passing the inspection of suifenhe customs, two tankers carrying Russian liquefied petroleum gas entered suifenhe port by highway. This marks the official opening of the clean energy import channel to Russia after suifenhe was approved as the international road test port for Russian liquefied petroleum gas, adding new content to the border trade cooperation between the two countries, liu said.

The heat of foreign trade at the border with Russia is a miniature of heilongjiang's trade with Russia. In march, the State Council approved the opening of tongjiang railway port and heixiazi island passenger port, bringing the number of border ports between heilongjiang and Russia to 17. From January to July this year, heilongjiang's port cargo volume reached 27.014 million tons, up 16.8 percent year-on-year.

Data from the department of commerce of heilongjiang province shows that from January to July this year, heilongjiang's foreign trade reached 108.09 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 19.4%, among which the economic and trade cooperation with Russia achieved remarkable results. In the first seven months, heilongjiang's foreign trade with Russia reached 73.6 billion yuan, an increase of 15.4%, accounting for 17.7% of China's total trade with Russia.