On September 24, the reporter learned from the press conference of the outcome of the world manufacturing conference 2019 that foreign enterprises in the manufacturing sector signed 89 projects with an investment of 39.1 billion yuan during the conference. Among them, there are 40 advanced manufacturing projects with an investment of 11.8 billion yuan. 25 strategic emerging industries such as intelligent terminals, integrated circuits, biomedicine and new displays, with an investment of 7.9 billion yuan. On September 18, 17 major projects were signed in nanjing jinqiahui, with a total investment of about 97 billion yuan.


Recently, anhui, Shanghai, nanjing and other Yangtze river delta area foreign investment projects intensive signing and landing, one of a number of intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuits, new energy high-end field projects become the focus. Western regions, including yunnan and guiyang, are also deploying new policies to speed up the opening of high-end manufacturing. The industry pointed out that as China's industrial chain upgrading development needs and the adjustment of foreign investment absorption and utilization policies, artificial intelligence, new generation of electronic information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy and other fields will become the key areas of foreign investment.

Zhang huanbo, deputy director of the us-eu research institute at the China center for international economic exchanges, told reporters that as China's industrial transformation and upgrading and the cultivation of new drivers of economic development need, local foreign-funded projects have also achieved new breakthroughs in quality. High-end manufacturing and strategic emerging industries have great leading role in upstream and downstream industries, which will further promote local governments to form ecological agglomeration environment for high-end industries. In addition, foreign businesses are actively expanding their business in China in the face of the huge Chinese market demand and increased confidence in China's policy environment.

What is noteworthy is that outside the Yangtze river delta region, many western regions, including yunnan, shaanxi and guiyang, are taking repeated measures to open up high-tech manufacturing. Yunnan province recently issued the "cloud 10" to support foreign investment in new energy vehicle manufacturing, special vehicle manufacturing and other fields, and to provide support in land use, electricity, employment, and strengthen the guarantee of foreign investment project elements. Guiyang has proposed to introduce and cultivate 30 leading enterprises in medium and high-end manufacturing and other fields by 2020, with the actual utilization of foreign capital exceeding us $2 billion.

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Huan-bo zhang said that in the western region has a comparative advantage in land costs, labor costs, on the one hand, to develop good differentiation development planning, combining with the regional development phase, resources endowment and geographical features, analysis of international and domestic high-end manufacturing industry development situation, for high-end manufacturing development focus, carried out in accordance with the key project introduction. On the other hand, it is necessary to build a livable and livable industrial new city, constantly improve and improve the urban functions in medical care, education and other aspects, and further attract and retain high-end talents. In addition, attention should be paid to the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence to lay a solid foundation for the development of high-end manufacturing.