First, the value of outdoor media

What is the value of outdoor media? With the continuous improvement of Internet technology, the value of user-based advertising is also increasing. Compared with the online communication methods and values, what is the spread value of offline outdoor advertising?

Online communication is based on the user's browsing and clicks to generate value, while offline communication is based on the displacement of the user's geographic location to generate value. The spread based on the user's geographical location is precisely the deficiency of supplementing online communication; this value based on user displacement is the part of the popular APP force and creation, and this part is based on user use, relative The cost of communication is high; outdoor advertising is a natural offline distribution, and can be related to users, making good use of the relationship between the two, the future of outdoor advertising will gradually become clear.


Second, programmatic purchase

The programmatic purchase of outdoor media, according to the consumer's trajectory, outdoor advertising will increase its relevance, in its sense of form can be a tool to control real-time procurement, the recent "feeling this real" activity of the American Outdoor Advertising Association Shows the effectiveness of outdoor advertising as a 100% viewable medium. Whether it is the attempt by foreign companies such as Google, Xaxis, Rubicon Project and TubeMogul to purchase programs for outdoor advertising, or the concept of "Internet of Things advertising" in China, it indicates that the outdoor advertising industry is experiencing new vitality. Naturally, resources are the foundation of outdoor companies. Reducing vacancy and improving services are issues that must always be considered. However, outdoor people should still pay attention to the frontiers of technology.

Third, the value of the Internet +

The outdoor advertising industry can combine the Internet and use Internet-based technologies and processes as tools to solve user-based mobile and interactive problems in outdoor media. By finding media, one-stop delivery, performance monitoring, and feedback on newsletters, the media owners and media The outdoor advertising needs of advertisers have enabled the media value to be deeply developed and become a new channel for outdoor advertising in the Internet era. These are all changing the value of outdoor media and are part of the future development of outdoor media.


Fourth, 2050 outdoor advertising media

Someone recently asked me what you think about future outdoor advertising in 2050. This is a very good question, but in my opinion, if our pattern is not magnified, it will not change the macro factors of the world in the next 35 years. As soon as I consider it, this question can't be answered.

Fortunately, "Business Insider" has published an article about future technology, summarizing the 15 big and scary technologies that are expected to appear in 2050. I highly recommend everyone to have Time to read it.

To predict what will happen in the next 35 years, from the time horizon, it is still quite tricky. I immediately thought of Amala's law. Simply put, it means that we tend to overestimate its short-term effects on a technology while underestimating its long-term effects.

Therefore, for the 2050 outdoor advertising industry to anticipate such a topic, I am afraid it is just a shot in the dark night - a bit ridiculous. Although not necessarily correct, it makes sense.


Five, robot

Machine-to-human communication will replace human-to-human communication. All outdoor advertising, whether its actual display media is a screen, a printed poster, or a display technology that has not yet been invented, will be digitized. The way to trade.

All outdoor published information will be fully personalized, addressable, and one-to-one.

Advanced artificial intelligence will manage the entire process of outdoor advertising, from setting parameters to creating ads, media transactions, and feedback loops for real-time (such as where the audience is going, what they are doing, and what they buy after seeing the ad. What)) Real-time ad delivery optimization and more.

Sixth, virtualization

All outdoor experiences will be virtualized, and the digital framework we create offline is actually a virtual copy of the online world. In such a framework, the transaction and delivery of the ad is done in real time, and the audience then browses the ad through an enhanced version of the digital contact lens (or direct corneal implant). Through digital overlays of online and offline, a large number of public facilities and services are readily available – looking at the world through digital overlays, which will be the default mode most people spend most of the time. We can turn off this digital overlay display at any time, but ads outside this display will be strictly prohibited to protect the resources and scenery of the offline world. And Google will operate the entire online world operating system.