1, sharing

Data islands need to be broken, from own to shared

At present, there are more and more data available in the entire market, but the data is not interoperable, and the island phenomenon is also very serious, which will undoubtedly bring many restrictive effects on the planning of outdoor advertising activities. Faced with such an environment, the voice of the outdoor media in the month of the advertisers is getting higher and higher. It can be expected that with the efforts of many parties, the data will move from being owned to being shared and shared, and finally achieving more effective cross-media. Campaign planning. More than just outdoor media, data sharing will benefit all media types, and outdoor is expected to break through the bottleneck of data and seamlessly integrate into a broader digital media strategy.


2, accurate

The application of real-time data makes outdoor advertising more precise

With the advancement of real-time user behavior tracking technology, outdoor media has become more predictable. Based on this, you can know the location of a specific audience, and what kind of information will stimulate effective interaction and so on. By integrating location data, social data, and mobile data, marketers can better understand the behavioral changes of the audience in real time, allowing advertisers to deliver more accurate advertising information on a large scale.



Programmatic automatic delivery, completely changing the outdoor advertising industry

In the US and European markets, the programmatic automatic delivery of outdoor media advertising has made great progress. By 2017, the program platform that allows the brand to launch outdoor creative content in real time has become the standard for the outdoor media industry. Outdoors can be as flexible as other media. However, in China, the programmatic purchase of outdoor media, there is still a long way to go. But in the future, programmatic automatic digital advertising will become the standard for China's outdoor media industry, just like Internet digital advertising. Through a case, you can see the advantages of automated outdoor advertising. Turkey's outdoor program trading platform AirSqreen and outdoor media company Look!Screens released the country's first outdoor programmatic creative event for six brands (including ice cream and instant soup), which can be based in Istanbul. The weather triggers the dynamic creative screen, and it can also be used to advertise when you cook, or to advertise when your favorite team wins. Such a delivery method will completely change the rules of the game in the outdoor advertising industry.



Outdoor + technology, broaden industry boundaries

With the emergence of a series of cool technologies, such as facial recognition, thermal sensing, augmented reality, 3D imaging, etc., according to these technologies, some pioneering brands and outdoor media companies have begun to apply these technologies to outdoor advertising marketing. Come in the case. More exciting technology will enable the integration of the content of the media outside the media and the material world to be more natural and diverse. It will also create many new opportunities for the brand to try outdoor media, and use outdoor media to reach the target audience. interactive. As people become more confident about technology and the cost of technology declines, outdoor is expected to expand the boundaries of its technology integration and broaden the boundaries of the entire outdoor media industry.