As an advertising medium, outdoor advertising has always been our concern. In recent years, China's outdoor advertising has developed rapidly, and the market in the advertising industry has shown a rapid growth momentum, fully reflecting its flexibility in the development process and adaptability to brand communication. However, there are also many problems, especially in recent years, as the big market economy environment is not good, the media has more and more idle rates, prices are getting lower and lower, customers are coming more and more, and profits are coming. The smaller, what should I do? Where is the way out? Is there still hope in the future?


First, the status quo:

Every day, we spend 70% of our time outdoors. It is a direct audience for receiving outdoor advertising media. Have you noticed the changes in outdoor advertising? The development of outdoor advertising spaces in first- and second-tier cities tends to be saturated, outdoor advertising. The number of media is no longer changing, but the change is that most of the audience has become a low-end family. Outdoor billboards are no longer a colorful advertising space. Instead, they are a single advertising investment phone, public service advertisement, or It is a bare LED strip.

There are more and more vacant outdoor advertising media. What are the reasons for this?

1. The overall economic environment is sluggish, and the cost of advertisers has shrunk.

In 2016, the Chinese economy was mutated under the impact of multiple factors such as major reforms and major adjustments. The external demand is sluggish, the investment has fallen sharply, and the shrinkage of total demand is very obvious. The advertising industry is a barometer of the economy. The big environment is sluggish, and it is natural for advertisers to reduce advertising costs. On the other hand, the merger of giant companies with competitive relationships has also affected the overall revenue of the advertising industry to a certain extent.

2. New media impact, advertisers are increasingly demanding evaluation of delivery effects

Just now we mentioned that there are more and more low-headed people in life, which directly affects the arrival rate of outdoor advertising. Although there is no accurate numerical statistics, there is still a clear manifestation from the return on the effectiveness of advertising. Advertisers certainly have an evaluation system that accurately calculates the input-output ratio. If the data does not meet expectations, the budget will definitely decrease accordingly.


3, outdoor advertising media prices are high, most SMEs can not afford

It is said that the price of outdoor advertising media is high, compared with other traditional media. The high price of outdoor advertising is naturally due to the high cost of outdoor media and high cost, such as the large-scale advertisement of highway single-column and the large-screen advertisement of LED in railway station square. You may think that the bus shelter light box advertisement, elevator frame advertisement and other prices are relatively low, but generally it is a package-type quantitative delivery, so the total amount is still relatively high. Most of the SMEs' budgets are lower than the price of outdoor advertising media, so most of the outdoor advertising we see is the product promotion of famous brands and large enterprises. For example, our common urban bus shelter advertisements are mostly for movie release advertisements, Jingdong Tmall discount advertisements, well-known brands of beverage food advertisements, and well-known brand cosmetics advertisements.


Second, the method

1. The advertisers hold the group and reduce the cost.

An outdoor advertising media location puts two advertisements of the same type, and the design is interesting, which can increase the impression of the target audience and thus achieve better communication effects. It can also save half of the advertising costs.

2. Put on the QR code on the outdoor media to increase the channel of word of mouth in the circle of friends.

Nowadays, the world of two-dimensional code is rampant. The two-dimensional code is everywhere. The cost of outdoor advertising media is high. It is well known that the combination of new media and outdoor media is a good way to break the dilemma of outdoor advertising. If we put two-dimensional codes on the outdoor big names such as frame media, community media, waiting room media, subway, high-speed rail, airport media, etc., and with the rewards of rewards, the marketing advantage of friends circle is that many media communication channels are incomparable. I believe that your input-output ratio will increase greatly.

3. Put the high-definition photos of the outdoor advertising space on the advertising trading platform, so that the advertiser can compare and purchase

In the era of big data, people's consumption behavior is gradually shifting to the Internet, including advertisers. When advertising, they will also choose to compare on the Internet. If an outdoor advertising media is not displayed on the Internet, it will be too backward. It is recommended that outdoor media providers will use outdoor advertising media types, media surrounding environments in the form of high-definition photos on the ad exchange platform, supplemented by accurate media attribute parameter data, media advantages, cooperation cases, believe that advertisers will be unsolicited . The media data is detailed, and if the advertiser is on the scene, it will naturally increase the confidence of the launch.


With the development of technology, the changes in outdoor advertising are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

A. Presentation form - the transformation from traditional static advertisements such as spray painting to dynamic advertisements such as three-sided flip and LED display;

B. Government planning policies – such as the application of high-tech products in the approval of advertising space, that is, the problem of “difficulties in approval” faced by advertising companies;

C. Development Trends - In order to beautify the city, many urban outdoor advertisements are not only approved, but are being demolished in large numbers.

Obviously, outdoor advertising with scientific and technological support still faces the coexistence of opportunities and challenges. Technology creates opportunities, and challenges come from policies. Then, under the premise that outdoor advertising development and urban image construction go hand in hand, where is the development of outdoor advertising?