Map is the basis for outdoor advertising LBS delivery

As one of the future directions of the outdoor advertising industry, “geo-fence” technology is being tried and explored by more and more companies. LBS (geographically based) brings technical convenience to the integrated delivery of outdoor advertising, so most outdoor advertising platforms now have the function of “map location”.

The map maps a huge amount of engineering, making maps of almost all platforms based on third-party map APIs. The map mapping software in foreign countries is led by Google Maps, and the maps in China are based on Gaode and Baidu maps.

When using these map APIs on outdoor advertising platforms, have we ever thought about "if the map software buys and sells outdoor advertising itself"? This is not an alarmist, there is a map software abroad that is preparing to do so.


Map software: Unexpected competitors

Business Insider reports on a case where Google's map software, Waze, is trying to sell outdoor ads on the map. In the financing speech, Waze claimed to be: Nuggets outdoor advertising, and explained in detail how the model of map buying and selling outdoor advertising works.


Waze and IKEA outdoor advertising projects

One researcher said: Waze is frequently in contact with various outdoor advertising agencies in recent months through Google's "Advertising Incentive Program", possibly preparing for a large-scale delivery structure.

From the financing speech of Waze, we first saw some prototypes of future map software buying and selling outdoor advertising. In the financing draft, Google’s map software upgraded the platform to “outdoor advertising digital platform”. Waze just announced the latest news of this plan last week.

The general manager of the Wit advertising department said that "the map data we have is extremely valuable, it is time to use them."


Waze introduces the advantages of combining outdoor advertising with maps

How map software sells outdoor advertising

Before talking about selling outdoor advertising, Waze first mentioned its online advertising part in the financing draft. Waze has added its advertising business to Google’s program ads. It is intended to enable advertisers to evaluate the effectiveness, reach and cost of advertising in Waze.

After that, Waze talked about his outdoor advertising business. Outdoor advertising as the only traditional media that grew last year, Waze hopes that it can make outdoor advertising more precise and scene-oriented.

Generally speaking, the platform has the vision of “energy-producing industry”, but the wisdom of the platform is not only the vision, but the map software has to sell outdoor advertising. Waze has now entered into a partnership with WPP, the world's largest communications group.

In October last year, Waze and McDonald's tried an advertising project that linked outdoor advertising to maps. There are about 300 billboards in Southern California. When the driver passes near McDonald's billboards, the map software will accurately push McDonald's brand advertisements and nearby addresses to consumers.


Waze introduces its OOH mode

"Therefore, we used two ways to reach the drivers in the car, first radio, then outdoor advertising. Now, Waze offers advertisers a third option," said Palatnek, head of Wichi Outdoor Advertising.

Waze currently has 30 million monthly active users in the US and more than 100 million active users worldwide. Considering the moisture of Internet data, this number may actually be squatting, but even so, there are still many active users of Waze. Therefore, Waze’s launch of its outdoor advertising business is not attractive to brands.

Domestic map software may follow suit

Although China's Internet industry has developed rapidly, it is still learning and learning. Once Wit’s outdoor advertising business in the United States has succeeded, there is a precedent for success, and the two largest map software in the country are likely to follow up quickly.

The “Lighting Shops” campaign recently launched by Gaode Map has a lot of similarity with Waze’s “PIN” series of map ads. However, the establishment of outdoor advertising sales system is far from a day's work, and domestic map software will not enter the industry in the short term.