With the rapid development of the times and the rapid advancement of science and technology, the advertising industry is constantly evolving with the pace of the times. In July 2015, the Chinese government proposed “Internet +” and innovation-driven development strategies to accelerate the rapid development of outdoor advertising.

OOH (outdoor advertising) is the only traditional media branch market that can achieve advertising revenue growth. The data shows that global outdoor advertising revenue has increased every year for the past nine years (2010-2018), with a compound annual growth rate of 4.1%, reaching $31 billion by 2018. At the same time, advertising revenue from traditional non-digital media (television, print media, broadcast and OOH) has stagnated.


In addition, in the WARC case study database, it was found that in the past 8 years, as of 2016, successful brands spent an average of 13% of their overall advertising budget on outdoor, and the proportion of outdoor has been relatively stable. .

So why are big brand companies so keen on outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is an important criterion for testing brand strength

The first stage of public awareness of the brand is know (know), let me know you. Outdoor advertising is one of the means for the brand to quickly make the audience aware of it for three reasons.


First, the advantage of the brand's outdoor advertising is its display effect in the city, so that the brand LOGO can always appear in front of you. You can't watch TV, don't read newspapers, don't go online, but you can't go out, you will see outdoor advertising when you go out, so outdoor advertising is the best channel for brands to reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people.

Second, with the rise of big data, more and more outdoor advertising companies have begun to digitize the effects of advertising. Although it has not been promoted in the industry, the effectiveness of outdoor advertising is becoming more and more visible.

Third, compared to other media platforms, the budget for outdoor advertising needs to be invested, although it is not high, but it is the most cost-effective. So far, outdoor advertising is still one of the best choices for brands to open up market awareness and maintain brands.

Throughout the advertising of first-line brands, outdoor advertising is still an important carrier for brands to promote the city, and the cost of thousands of people is lower. Although the brand effect that can be pursued is difficult to monitor for the time being, the brand effect is obvious.

From the brand classification of outdoor advertising, we can see that there are mobile phone companies, automobile companies, liquor companies, real estate companies, home improvement companies and Internet-type enterprises.

Outdoor advertising screen is more impactful

In the work and life, in addition to accepting outdoor advertising from the street, we can also see a variety of advertising information from the Internet, mobile APP, video sites and other channels. But recall, the first time you see an ad is to close the ad page? Needless to say, the answer is absolutely certain. This is the drawback of Internet advertising. Often the most thing you want to do while accessing information online is to go straight to the topic, not to look at advertising. Another major reason is that the Internet advertising display area is small, far less than the visual impact of traditional advertising, so it is difficult to leave a deep impression on the user's mind, let alone the possibility of leaving the audience aware. Sex.

The outdoor advertising large screen, up to a few hundred square meters of display area, shock can be imagined. In addition to the large area of outdoor advertising, design visual impact is also a feature of outdoor advertising.


Outdoor advertising is a form of media rooted in the real life space of consumers. CTR Media Intelligence has done statistics, and the arrival rate of outdoor advertising in China is as high as 80%. Especially with the prevalence of the concept of “outdoor living media”, outdoor advertising has seen a large increase in both quantity and variety. CTR Media Intelligence's latest data in May showed that Ruixing Coffee went public in the US on May 17, and launched a new commercial film, which was heavily loaded with elevator TV and celestial poster media, with an increase of 163.8% and 15.8% respectively. Ruixun Coffee will simplify the combination of media delivery and use Focus Media's elevator media as the main front of the communication. In the short term, it will carry out a saturation attack, covering the main urban office buildings and communities, and accurately reaching the target group of the business circle. The radius of consumption.

In fact, behind the rise of many emerging brands in recent years, there is the “behind the scenes” of Focus Media. Successful companies listed in Ruixing Coffee, Hunting, Xiaomi, and US Missions, as pioneers of different industries, have chosen to use Focus Media to conduct “saturation attacks” in the time window, gaining an advantageous position in the hearts of users and obtaining them in the market. The leading share. This also shows that the elevator media is the best entrance to attract mainstream people, and the real exposure is far ahead of new media advertising.

On the other hand, the spread of outdoor advertising is direct. Different from the indirectness of TV commercials and Internet advertisements (advertising information needs to use certain tools: TV, computer or mobile phone), consumers can directly receive advertising information without using other tools, which greatly improves the exposure of advertising information. And arrival rate.

To be a business is to make a profit. If you refuse to go outdoors, you are refusing to make money! If you refuse to go outdoors, you are rejecting the brand!

In recent years, some Internet products, such as Alipay, Yunxun, Tmall, Jingdong, Vipshop, and melon used cars, have universal offline advertisements, among which Vipshop will spend on traditional outdoor media in April this year. The total ratio increased by 453.7%, and the advertising cost of the elevator poster media ranked first in the list. It can be seen that offline outdoor advertising is one of the important means to rapidly expand the brand and enhance brand recognition!