A variety of outdoor advertising attracts attention, some simple and rude direct advertising; some interspersed knowledge, outdoor advertising in the form of popular science; others play high-tech, walking at the forefront of new advertising technology. But what is a little regrettable is that in so many creative advertisements, no outdoor advertising comes from China.

Let's take a look at which outdoor big-name advertisements make people lament the creativity.



OkCupid social networking site: outdoor big-name whitewashing road for internet applications

The outdoor advertising of this website can not help but remind people of the former Momo, was positioned yp software, and later used advertising to wash white. Because of the certain formal media effect, outdoor advertising is the medium of choice for many mobile phone applications and Internet products during the brand upgrade process. For such advertisers, the endorsement effect of outdoor advertising takes precedence over the traffic it brings.


McDonald's: old-fashioned outdoor big names and simple ideas

McDonald's outdoor has always been a tradition, but from time to time there will be McDonald's wonderful outdoor big names.

The McDonald's logo was dismantled and changed into a clear and easy-to-understand guide. This simple and rude big name was still followed by well-known advertisers. The most basic point is that consumers have a deep impression of the brand's image. Otherwise it may be counterproductive.


Restaurant at the next intersection

Because the British like to chat, so in the UK, McDonald's also used its products to make a weather forecast for the outdoors. If you want to make such an outdoor big card in China, the LED outdoor big screen should be the starting standard, and make real-time weather forecast outdoor advertising. I believe many people are willing to take a look.


NIKE: It’s hard to say a word

In order to cheer for the transfer of Juventus's Ronaldo, Nike once played a dense outdoor advertisement in Turin. Although the end of the article highlights the slogan image of his own brand, it is also highlighted, but this outdoor advertising can not help but make people feel: rich, willful. Such outdoor advertising that does not count the effects of the launch, I am afraid that only these big factories.

The picture is not good enough, and the voice commentary can't be less, so they cooperate with the radio station in Abu Dhabi. As long as the driver listens to the designated channel when he approaches the billboard, he can hear the 30-second voice commentary about the work. "Integrated marketing", it seems that they have learned.

Outdoor advertising These excellent (or creative) works, while amazing, let us also think, outdoor advertising in the digital wave, where is the most traditional outdoor big name?