Private domain traffic is an intangible asset for merchants. With the disappearance of traditional e-commerce platform traffic dividends and the gradual development of small programs, seeing your own private domain traffic pool reduces the user's reach and becomes the direction that many businesses are working hard. . There are several key elements in the construction of private domain traffic. High-quality community operations and content marketing can significantly increase the effectiveness of publicity and repurchase. The matrix play of the public number + personal number is suitable for most merchants. The use of small programs to achieve operations will become an effective way, spikes and other activities can touch the user.


How can a small program and a community do a good job of fan operations to get twice the result with half the effort?

Building communities to take full advantage of WeChat's sociality reduces communication costs. Adding a user as a friend can establish peer-to-peer communication with the user, and can send the applet to the user when the activity is started, thereby improving the efficiency of reaching the user. For the user, the trouble of obtaining the activity information can be reduced, and for the merchant, the cost of reaching the user is reduced. For the old users, because the product has been pre-judgment, there will be stronger trust for the business, and the transaction rate will be higher than the new user.

Use old customers to do trust endorsements to stimulate activities. Older users' approval of stores and merchandise can have a greater chance of repurchasing when we push store coupons or new products for the season. This can help the merchant save the cost of promotion and the time and effort of data analysis for the branding and the launch of new products.

Use the community to do research or trials to quickly understand user pain points. Through the small program, the questionnaire can be sent to the user to know what the user has opinions about the product itself, and the new product to be tested can be sent out by the old customer feedback, and the user's feedback and experience can be improved while obtaining the feedback from the user.


Hu Chao has accumulated rich experience in development for many years. As the first batch of small program development enterprises, how to improve the operation efficiency of small programs, how to reduce the operating costs of small programs, how to build a private domain traffic pool of merchants, a complete plan

1. Focus on user experience through big data analysis of user behavior

Building a comprehensive membership management system in today's user-centric retail industry can help businesses achieve precision marketing. It is not the management of labeling for users, but the use of information technology to accurately image users in the technology of big data, which can support merchants to achieve more convenient membership management from channel access, data collection, data analysis to precision marketing. Help the merchant to accurately grasp the user's pain point needs in the actual operation.

2. Data management for private domain traffic deposits users in their own hands

Businesses love to integrate their own data through data collection, sorting and finally unified into a user portrait, making full use of the small program in the WeChat ecosystem has a superior fission strength can achieve a steady flow of harvest. After completing the action of the customer, it is necessary to realize the data tracking of the traffic and grasp the effect of marketing conversion.