Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte, Yottabyte, Brontobyte (yes, many of the above words look like the original primitives), the measurement unit of the data is increasing, these words are also from the side It confirms the rapid development of the big data industry, and people's ability to recognize words has not even kept up with the speed of big words to create words.

In daily life, the concept of big data often comes to our attention, so how much is outdoor advertising related to it? Before answering this question, we may wish to look at some numbers to make sense.

All media are introducing the arrival of the era of big data, so what specific figures are there to measure? According to a survey by IBM, human society creates 2.5 pieces of 5 trillion bytes (2,500,000,000,000,000,000, a total of 18 zeros, if you want to count) data, and this number still rises like a rocket. in.

How does this data affect our daily lives? Digital devices and digital information hide huge energy. They are full of confidence in transforming the real world and changing our daily life: smart grid, smart meters, thermostat controllers will effectively reduce our indoor expenses; urban public systems pass Adopt real-time monitoring system and connect to social network, change routes in time, scientifically optimize traffic lights time and send information to passengers in time; relevant medical health institutions can obtain the latest flu outbreak information and alert by monitoring trends such as Google to protect our life. All of the above behaviors are only the most superficial exploration of digital society and digital society in human society.


Of course, the most widely used industry for big data is marketing and advertising. In marketing planning, marketers first need to call data from various fields: such as search platform, online cookies, customer time in the store, payment methods, personal preferences, etc., through these analysis of consumer behavior, although It seems complicated, but in fact a series of actions are completed in an instant. The developed network makes offline real-time portraits and timely feedback after product purchase. Every product is eager to get your data, even the inconspicuous comb at home.

For outdoor advertising, the era of big data has just begun, and the industry will be deeply affected for a long time to come.

Big data has changed the way brands and all-media marketing are. The first step in the invasion of big data online has now become a natural part of the entire online ecosystem, which is already known in the era of PC-led. But with the popularity of mobile devices (79% of Americans own smart phones, and all kinds of smart devices are emerging one after another), the source of big data has slowly shifted from online PC to mobile, and because of the use of mobile devices. Part of the online situation, so the data has also undergone a shift from online to offline. As a representative of offline scenarios, big data has an impact on outdoor media in at least the following ways:

Outdoor advertising deployment

With the development of smart devices, the resources of big data also showed an exponential growth. In fact, the data is like running water. Just looking at a piece of data is not worth much, but when the data is gathered into a stream and gathered into the sea, it can provide an insurmountable impact to the outdoor industry. For example, before designing outdoor advertising, relevant workers can throw away general demographic data and read real-time data generated by geographic location, because these data are not only the embodiment of the current behavior of people passing by, but also their hobbies and travel preferences. I have already had an exact match in the ocean of big data.

Many companies have tried outdoor marketing based on geofence early, but with the continuous enrichment of data and further precision of positioning, outdoor advertising can provide customized experience services for passing audiences, and achieve higher satisfaction. At the same time, it also makes the investment of advertisers more value.


As outdoor advertising begins to integrate into the data family, we will find that the outdoor advertising platform has become more magnificent: the industry will become a reliable partner for mobile marketing and social marketing, and the outdoor media will not exist as an isolated individual offline, but The first factor to consider when developing multi-media marketing.