Pakistani prime minister imran khan recently met with more than 100 Chinese investment delegations, mainly from shandong province, in Lahore.

Punjab governor chaudhry sarwar chief minister usman and other important officials attended the meeting. The Chinese delegation expressed its strong desire to invest in various fields in Pakistan and is willing to cooperate with smes in gujilanwala, gujarat and sialkot triangle.

Prime minister imran khan welcomed Chinese enterprises to invest in Pakistan and thanked them for their willingness to invest in Pakistani smes. The government is working to streamline the registration process for foreign investment and make it easier to do business, with a particular focus on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), which have an important impact on employment and poverty reduction.

According to official statistics, over the past five years, the china-pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) project has created 70,000 jobs in Pakistan, increased per capita income by 23% and increased annual GDP growth from 3.7% to 5.79%. Seventeen CPEC projects generate $930m in tax revenues for Pakistan.