Last week, us retailer Costco opened its first store in China, causing a stir, foreign media said. However, a recent statement by the company's executives has attracted attention.

Costco chief financial officer Richard galanti said the company plans to open a second city in Shanghai from the end of 2020 to early 2021 and hopes to start construction as soon as possible.

The announcement is particularly striking at a time when Mr Trump is demanding that us companies "get out of China". Costco's move is not unique.

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U.S. business investment in China rose to $6.8 billion in the first half of this year, up 1.5 percent on average from the same period in the past two years, according to an assessment of investment levels by rhodium group, a consulting firm. Neither the growing trade war between the United States and China nor President Donald trump's call for American companies to leave China has affected that growth.

Foreign investors are attracted by the growing consumer market, while a third of us companies in China focus on the domestic market, avoiding the danger of the us government increasing import tariffs, the report said.

Rhodium estimates that most of the investment is related to new projects. Tesla, for example, has set up a factory in Shanghai, China's first wholly foreign-owned car factory. Another big deal was bain capital's $570m investment in a Beijing data centre.

Recent developments among us companies in China also suggest that they have not been affected by talk of leaving the country. Such as gm, according to USA today website reported on August 27, according to trump the American should leave China, gm said in a statement, "we support the development of a positive trade partnership, called for contact and pursue sustainable trade policy, the two countries believe that value between the two countries full of vitality of the industry, understand the world's two biggest car market interdependence between".

According to a survey released by the us-china business council, 87 per cent of us companies have not moved or plan to move any of their operations out of China this year, the BBC said. Ninety-seven per cent of us companies operating in China say they are profitable, roughly in line with previous years.