No matter how many bosses learn, his business is still not doing well. A boss is studying everywhere, learning new retail first, then learning equity, learning marketing, and learning business models. Later, he thought that he had mastered the magic of business model and designed his own distribution system. As a result, he sold soybean oil and vinegar. After listening to his business model, he found that he needed to do a lot of promotion work. The imagination was beautiful, but it could not be implemented.

Learning more is not necessarily a good thing. Zhipeng has recently been proclaiming the theory of hot pot bottom materials for learning speeches. You need to have a short piece of material to learn the ultimate, and share this material in the form of free speech, which will have a breakthrough growth. . Many people learn indiscriminately, learn their own brains into a paste, and do not string together knowledge, so there is no big improvement in cognition.

Learning to speak is the foundation of all learning. No matter what you learn, you have to express it. Only a speech can string all the knowledge you have learned. If you go into adult continuing education, you need to learn a new system and then learn other things.

Many of the classmates in the president's class that I wrote a few years ago said that they did not manage the company in the president's class, but they were getting worse. There are also articles on the Internet, saying that in the president's class, they insisted on learning and finally closed their own businesses. The reason is that many people will not learn. The president class asks all kinds of so-called professional professors and famous teachers. None of these teachers have engaged in business, but they are guiding these well-managed bosses to manage the enterprise.

Many teachers are engaged in a certain field of teaching and research. What he is talking about tends to be the most important in this field. Many teachers have even completely opposed the prescriptions. The boss who can't learn, after encountering the problem, listens to the teacher and feels that he suddenly realizes it, gets back the enterprise to apply it, and finally messes up the original stable pattern, and the business owner's own personality is also split.

The boss has to remember that what you want is not knowledge, but the final solution. In the future, companies are training companies. You must first educate customers to improve their awareness of products. Finally, they must give customers the solutions they need. All companies are design companies.


The meaning of the bull nose is to solve the main contradiction. For example, the main contradiction of the new business model is not to solve the problem of the product, but to give the enterprise a total solution for the traffic. The store owner lacks traffic, and the customer is missing. It is useless to provide him with the best quality products. The same customer needs a holistic solution. He wants a beautiful lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays, it is very difficult for the store to be affected by the Internet. Therefore, the store is not a good product. It is a solution for traffic. How to double the traffic, and then others rush to buy his products. This is the pain point of the store. If you have a way to increase your traffic and increase your profit without increasing your investment and increasing your staff, you can solve the pain of the store owner. You can give the solution and you will win. There are 60 million stores in China, and the service line is a big business opportunity.

The service store is to help him design the overall solution to solve the traffic. Once IBM sold computers to advertise every day, hiring people to sell every day, and has been losing money. Later, he repositioned to provide customers with an information-based overall solution. When he could provide such a solution, he sold his computer and server by the way. IBM finally turned a profit, and later sold the computer business to Lenovo. This is the business model for selling solutions.


You always want to let these stores sell your goods, but you can't give him a solution to sell the goods, you can't solve the problem of the store owner. What consumers want is a way of life. At the merchant level, what they need is a set of solutions that make business better.

The design of the new business model is to sell more alliances. Instead of finding 100 people to help you sell goods, you will find 100 people to become your alliance. You teach them how to make the business better. This is still a solution designed to make others profitable and provide entrepreneurial opportunities.

The future that will make you earn money is a comprehensive solution, that is, in-depth service. What is a service? Satisfying the needs of others is not a service. For example, "I want to eat Haagen-Dazs ice cream", this is to meet the needs of others. To meet the needs of others, Haagen-Dazs must be "the medium through which I express my love to my girlfriend."

The core of the service is to give others a comprehensive solution to sell the lifestyle he wants. The boss has to have a goal in learning, and I am learning to solve the problem. At the same time, there is a solution behind all the problems. You must have a final cognition in your cognition. At the same time you learn the knowledge, you must learn the speech well. The foundation is firmly fixed. You can design what kind of solution you can use. Listen to others, and you may finally understand yourself.