In front of the connectivity opportunities and tasks brought by "One Belt And One Road", it is easy to see large logistics enterprises in China represented by sinotrans. With sinotrans co., LTD., vice general manager of Chen Hairong's words, "sinotrans is China's largest comprehensive logistics enterprises, is a secondary subsidiary of China merchants group, in the construction of 'area' all the way we give full play to its own comprehensive logistics advantages, actively participate in and promote the construction of Eurasia logistics channel, and has obtained the remarkable result."

Connectivity is the foundation of One Belt And One Road construction, especially the construction of overseas channels. "We have added more than 30 branches along 'One Belt And One Road' and formed an international operation pattern of more than 80 overseas branches and more than 100 overseas agents. The Eurasian silk road headquarters of sinotrans was formally established at the end of last year. The headquarters is responsible for overseas organizations of sinotrans in central Asia, Mongolia, Russia, Germany and other nodes, and coordinates relevant resources and business of sinotrans in the economic belt of the silk road." Chen Hairong said, in particular, China merchants group to take an active part in the dominant white industrial park development in belarus, while China merchants in white white industrial park in trade logistics co., LTD is the first enterprise in the park, is a wholly owned company of sinotrans, more than 100000 square meters of the facilities completed and put into use in 2018, white trade logistics park will become important in belarus in trade logistics center and the silk road economic belt important trade and logistics hub.

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Sinotrans has also made great efforts to develop international freight trains to promote connectivity. "We have made great efforts to develop international express trains. By creating market-oriented, normalized and two-way circular express trains with scale effect, we have promoted inland nodes to form regional development advantages that complement the maritime transport in port cities. This is the biggest difference between us and other express operators in other places." According to Chen hairong, sinotrans has opened china-europe freight trains in lanzhou, shilong, xi 'an, changsha, tianjin, shenyang, Qingdao, weihai and xinxiang, forming three east-west freight trains and 10 regular freight trains, with a total of more than 800 freight trains in 2018. "Last year, China outbound shipping initiated the china-europe express train plus overseas model, successfully opened the china-europe shipping line between Japan and China, and completed the route from the rok to weihai and from chongqing to Europe. In the past, our logistics industry was behind the industry to promote the development of the industry, where the industry went where logistics went, now it is logistics to drive the development of the industry. Chen said.

Participating in "One Belt And One Road" logistics practice made Chen hairong have many feelings. He suggested that China should strengthen strategic synergy with countries along the belt and road, build an information exchange platform, give play to the guiding role of industry associations, and explore more cooperation opportunities in the "One Belt And One Road" framework. The logistics channel provides the whole chain service, and each node in the chain is indispensable. All parties involved should have the awareness of the whole chain, increase the investment in infrastructure in the border crossing ports along the route, and ensure the high-quality operation of the whole channel. "Sinotrans signs general agreements with local governments, cooperates with the railway general manager in multimodal transport and other aspects, and cooperates with kazakhstan, Mongolia and other state-owned countries. In the future, sinotrans is willing to establish more pragmatic and multi-level cooperative relations with all parties to jointly promote the high-quality development of logistics. Chen said.

He also suggested optimizing logistics. "One Belt And One Road" drives the change of international logistics channel pattern, and the construction of logistics channel is a systematic project, which needs to optimize the overall layout, effectively connect the trunk line with the branch line, improve the branch line service, and form a strong logistics organization ability. "We are now effectively connecting xi 'an logistics hub and chengdu qingbai river logistics hub, and we will have relatively large investment in xi 'an and qingbai river." Chen said.


According to Chen hairong, "One Belt And One Road" is not only the way of international trade, but also the way of communication and exchange of international culture. "To achieve leapfrog development overseas, logistics enterprises need to give full play to the important role of hard logistics resources and cultural soft power." Chen Hairong introduction, sinotrans is planning and the upcoming silk road friendship exchange program will start in October, will be invited to the countries along the silk road series of activities held by government agencies and partners in China, for the first time activities centered on Beijing, xian, dunhuang, full display historical civilization and China's silk road "in" new look.