No other purpose is to make yourself a better exchange.

Li Zizi and sipping are the early forms of advertising. The purpose is very simple and clear. It is to attract attention and let others exchange or buy items from their own home.

And this purpose has not changed since today, it is the advertisement must always abide by, and it is also the eternal division of labor.

Whether it is a good scorpion, a sip, or a plaque, it is a message to inform the behavior, all in order to pass on the information that you want to pass.

By setting up a blind man, passers-by walked through to see the above information, selling things, at a glance.

What other people want to buy, by looking at the information on your signboard, you don't have to ask more.

Therefore, the first priority of advertising is: to inform, any advertisement must play this role, otherwise you will not call advertising. Let consumers know and understand you by clearly telling the information.

Among them, it is very important to clearly inform the information. The information is not clearly expressed clearly. The advertisement is basically wasted and is invalid.

And we look at the current advertising environment, there are very few advertisements to do this, and even the clear information can not be done.

Most of the advertisements are around a big circle. I don’t know what information to tell the consumer. After the consumer sees it, I don’t know what the brand wants to convey.

Advertising is wasted, and companies make inefficient investments and waste resources.


2. State the advantages

Clearly telling information and presenting the advantages are the two most important attributes of advertising. They are determined from the original social division of labor. If any one of the advertisements is missing, it is an unqualified advertisement.

According to such inspection standards, many of the current advertisements are mostly invalid advertisements.

When an advertisement clearly informs the information and states its own merits, it is for the purpose of making consumers feel good about themselves or even buying their own products.

Therefore, the purpose of advertising is clear, in order to make consumers feel good about the brand or product, and then generate purchase behavior.

Advertising depends on the purpose, always grasp the purpose, you know what you are doing, not visual, not copywriting, nor funny, not heart, but to make consumers feel good about their brand or product, Then buy.

When we advertise, whenever we look at this purpose, we will not go in the wrong direction.


3. Information dissemination activities

The advertiser is the sender of the information, the agent is the information processor, the medium is the information dissemination channel, the consumer is the information receiver and the feedback, and the advertisement content itself is a combination of information.

An advertising campaign is a standard and complete information dissemination activity.

This is the essence of advertising.

When we look at advertising, we first look at it as a communication activity. Whether the advertisement is good or not, whether the information conveyed is clear, the information is clearly transmitted, and whether the consumer can clearly receive the information you want to convey.