First, the process can be quantified

So simple, why bother? Until the work was handed over to the newcomer, the value of the process was found. For example, the second step feedback BUG, who to find feedback? If there is no process, the newcomer does not know how to feedback.

In the company, the reason why the process is not combed or quantified is that the biggest reason is that the person is skillful in this process, and it is natural to assume that other people are familiar with it. As a result, others are interested in this process. The circle of the ring then appeared. In addition to the parties, other people implemented, a variety of chaotic situations, greatly increased the company's operating costs. Things that can be done in ten minutes, because there is no process, it may take an hour or more to complete.

After the process is quantified, this problem will not exist. The advantage of process quantification is that everything works with rules. Anyone doing the same thing, whether you are an extroverted character or an introverted cautious personality, in the same quantitative process, the output of the work is the same. Just like the products that come out of the assembly line, even if the savage hulk is on the assembly line, as long as the steps of the process are followed, the produced items are no different from the ordinary people.


Second, the transaction can be quantified

The first thing to do to quantify the transaction is the quantification of the process. There is no leakage in the customer follow-up process and service process. For example, if you see the customer for the first time, you need to bring a business card, company introduction album, company introduction PPT, mini projector, work. Hardware such as clothing, as well as the company's classic case, the strength of the company, etc., after the quantification, any sales, whether or not they are good at expressing, can give customers the same feeling that the company is very reliable.

The second is to talk about the single process quantification. Once this is validated, the value will be huge. Our general cognition, talk about the single, everyone talks differently, how can this be energized?

In fact, it is ok. If you know the problem that the customer asks, you can't jump out of the hundreds of FAQs (customer Q&A). The salesperson is 100% back. The customer asks any questions. When the water came to the ground, the transaction was quantified.


Third, the results can be quantified

The next step is what everyone expects: the results can be quantified. Once the results are quantified, don't talk about work, even life will go smoothly. Imagine this scenario. In the work, what goals we want to achieve, we can achieve what goals are not very attractive. Once the results can be quantified, this scene will become a reality.

The results need to be quantified but not limited to the aforementioned process quantification and transaction quantification, including the company's corporate culture quantification, recruitment quantification, quantification of the number of customers, quantification of company development, etc., all of which can be represented by data, we have to do The idea is to come up with a strategy that can achieve this goal, just execute it. In the case of the corporate culture just mentioned, this is a very empty thing. What kind of corporate culture is good? It seems that it cannot be quantified, but it is not.

The company's low turnover rate, employees are willing to work overtime, and the speed of problem solving is a good performance of corporate culture. The above can measure the good and bad corporate culture. If you don't do well, you can quantify it if you want to do it well. For example, once every half month, the group building activities, red packets every holiday, creative entertainment activities, etc., can enhance the company's corporate culture.

If we are at work, the results cannot be quantified. There is only one reason. It is that our ability to control the results is too weak. What is the ability to control?

In the case that the strength completely crushes the opponent, the result does not have to think much and must win. When we are advertising, the customer cost is 200 yuan. Don't think about it. If you invest 10,000 yuan, you will get 50 customer leads. This is the quantification of the results.