A few days ago, the fourth "france-china pension service cooperation meeting" was held in Beijing, focusing on the theme of "pension service for disabled elderly", "pension service training" and "home-based care" to promote and deepen the exchanges in the field of pension services between France and China. It is reported that this is the eighth China international pension services expo supporting activities, French business investment agency, French health industry alliance and French elderly care service cooperation association organized 9 French enterprises and institutions, five consecutive years to participate in the important exhibition in this field.

In recent years, high-level dialogues and exchanges between France and China in this field have become increasingly frequent. Last year, French President Emmanuel macron's visit to China further strengthened and promoted the cooperation and exchanges between enterprises of the two countries in the field of old-age care. Cooperation between institutions and enterprises of the two countries is also getting closer in the fields of institutional endowment, elderly-suitable architectural design and interior design, home-based endowment, professional training, intelligent care and facility management. At present, several projects have been implemented and put into operation.

In 2005, AIA architectural engineering joint design group won the first place in the international competition of Peking union medical college hospital project, and then participated in many medical projects in China, including the design of many age-friendly buildings. The French group ALMAGE currently has three major projects in China, one in Beijing, one in Shanghai and one in nanjing. The first pilot project of China merchants usury joint venture, a pension service company jointly established by China merchants shekou and France usury, opened in guangzhou in February 2018, with a total of 132 beds. The second pilot project, located in shenzhen, began trial operation in March 2018. In 2016, France orbrex group established nanjing orbrex xianlin international retirement center. In 2018, it cooperated with beichen group to operate changsha beichen orbreting international health care center. In addition, it has established a joint venture with China Pacific insurance company to jointly operate pension projects. It is expected to open 10,000-12,000 beds in the next 3-5 years...

While aging is a growing global challenge, it is also spawning a silver economy. According to the United Nations, the proportion of the elderly population in China was 17.9% in 2018, and is expected to rise to 34.9% by 2050. In the future, the old-age care industry will undoubtedly become a sunrise industry. According to data analysis provided by Xerfi economic research institute, the market size of France's "silver economy" is expected to reach 130 billion euros by 2020, which will maintain an annual growth rate of 5%. According to the UN's world population outlook, the proportion of people aged over 60 in the global population will rise from more than 900 million to 2.1 billion by 2050. In the modern economy, many old people's asset income is enough to cover their pension needs and they have consumption power higher than the average level.

In addition, the report by the China association on aging predicts that China's elderly consumption market will reach 3.79 trillion yuan by 2020. The huge market naturally attracts many enterprises, of which the insurance industry is the main force. Up to now, China's large insurance companies have made plans for the "big pension" and "big health" industries. China life insurance, China Pacific insurance and other industry giants have invested huge sums of money to build pension communities in many parts of the country.

Compared with the Chinese market, the French pension service industry has been relatively mature, covering many segments, such as the design and construction of nursing homes, staff training and home-based pension services, intelligent housing system and Internet of things, insurance services, medical services and telemedicine services, big data... In these segmented markets, the French companies hope to bring their unique experience and technology to China. "We are not copying the French experience, but we want to share the solutions suitable for China's development," said the head of France's orbrex group.

"Cultural differences are a primary consideration when developing service plans." The person in charge also said that the French pursue freedom and space, while the Chinese pay more attention to company and absolute safety. For example, in China, since one spouse can't take care of himself or herself in the nursing home, the other spouse will stay with him or her, so we need to change the design of the building. In addition, in terms of risk prevention, we hope that the elderly can do some things within their capacity, while the Chinese people stress to obtain absolute safety. China and France are different in concept, and we need to adapt and change.

At present, China's endowment is the institutional pension, family endowment and community endowment core pattern, but still, focusing on the "d" in the future, to provide for oneself, and self-care and cannot provide for oneself the old man to provide personalized service and different "medical, breeding, protection, entertainment" integrated service system, is now China is still in the exploration of pension service model, hope method of enterprise to enter will bring China's pension market more vitality.