First, let's first understand what is a promotion

Definition: A promotion is a short-term incentive to encourage the purchase and sale of a product or service.

The purpose/goal of the promotion: There are various forms of promotion, but no matter what form, the ultimate goal of the promotion is to “achieve sales and increase sales”.

Promotional purposes are divided into short-term sales behavior and long-term publicity behavior.

A. Short-term sales behavior. Generally speaking, it refers to the listing of new products, sluggish sales, off-season sales, holiday defensive, suppressing competitors, handling products that are about to expire, handling inventory, assaulting sales tasks, increasing the market share of single products, and encouraging morale. Promotional actions taken when clear.

B. Long-term publicity. Refers to the promotion of brand promotion, outlet promotion (shopping daily shop) or attracting customers.

From the definition of the above promotion, you can capture several important keywords: short-term, incentive activities, stimulate purchases, and promote sales.

Now let's recall that in the promotions we have done, have these keywords been done? Xiaobian believes that many people have done a lot of promotional activities, but did not really understand the essence of the promotion.


Second, several common mistakes in the promotion activities

1, the first misunderstanding, follow the trend to promote

If you don't have your own routines, you can follow others to do promotions, not to study the market strategy of competitors, why you want to do promotions, and not to study the needs of your own users, whether it is suitable for this promotion.

2, the second misunderstanding, single promotion mode

Each time you do a promotion, the single way is to discount or discount. Never consider other promotions, do not know what to do promotions, but do not know how to control and guide the traffic generated by the promotion, wasted.

3, the third misunderstanding, the promotion is made normal

If the promotion becomes the norm, then the price of your product promotion becomes the daily price, which is equivalent to no promotion, and once you no longer promote, the customer will hesitate and will not buy again, they will wait for your discount. The day is coming again. At the same time, this will cause great losses to the brand, and the customer will think that you are a bargain that is discounted all day.


Third, what is the correct way to promote?

1. First understand when it is suitable for promotion?

a, the initial stage of new products: In the early stage of new products, we need to increase sales through some promotion methods, and rapidly increase the occupancy rate;

b. Bottleneck or stable period of product sales: When there is a bottleneck in product sales or a relatively high and stable stage, we must immediately intervene in the new promotion. The promotion at this stage should be based on increasing the unit price of the customer. Sales are pulled to a new height;

c. Decline of product sales: In the period when product sales have entered a relative decline, we must find ways to extend and raise the life curve of products. At this stage, we should do some price-cutting promotions to increase sales and keep sales down. .

2. How to make promotions according to your own rhythm?

Knowing what time period should be involved in the promotion, it is time to start the promotion plan. First understand your user hierarchy, which are the sleeping users, which are the users to be recalled, the arpu value (average income) of each user, and design different promotions for different users. For example, for active users, it is necessary to design promotional activities that increase the unit price; for sleeping users, design attractive marketing promotions to increase sales.


After reading the above content, I believe that you should know what misunderstandings the promotion needs to avoid, how to set clear marketing goals, quickly design the user's familiar promotions and the choice of promotion methods. Ok, the above is the content that Xiaobian will share with you, I hope to help you!