Creative advertising design is very important for advertising production. Excellent advertising design will increase consumers' attention and thus bring good advertising revenue. To do creative advertising design, you need to understand the principles of creative advertising design, in order to better design creative advertising.

1 artistic and decorative

In order to make the composition better serve the advertising content, it is very important to seek a reasonable visual arts language, and it is also an important way to achieve the best appeal. 

2 fun and originality

If the content of the ad itself is not much exciting, you can win by making fun. The overall interest of composition design mainly refers to the form of interest, aiming to create a lively layout visual language. Interesting advertising composition can quickly attract the attention of the audience and stimulate their interest, so as to achieve the purpose of impressing people.

3 holistic and rational

The composition design should pay special attention to the consistency and consistency of the overall design style. If the children's handwritten text is matched in the elegant layout, the reader will feel uncomfortable after reading it. Only by rationally unifying the form and content, and strengthening the overall layout, can we achieve unique social and artistic value, and then solve the problem of what the design should say, who to say, and how to say.

Lyft 1 yuan car wash

Lyft is a shared travel service provider like Uber. This year they took over a car wash shop in Los Angeles and launched a $100 million car wash service. For such a simple and affordable event, Lyft did it for a month and handed all the proceeds to the local food bank. Let the people benefit + the public interest, the creativity is simple, but it is very heart-warming.


Twist non-intentional advertising

Twist is a full-time agency, and this year they released a series of very interesting outdoor advertisements - put words on the * where the scenery is pleasant, such as butter, kimchi, orange juice and so on. After the ad* points to, people who see the ad can submit their ideas for these ads online. The effect is amazing. Many people share their opinions and even Twist's resume submission has increased by 50%, although this is not a clear recruitment.


37.5 Cliff Shop

37.5 is a high-tech performance clothing manufacturer. This year they built a flash shop – the Cliffside Shop, a remote store in the world, on the steep rock wall of Bastille, Colorado. People who board here can get free from the store. Take away the outdoor equipment you need. Of course, this is just a gimmick, the purpose is to promote the new Work in Progress series. Poke here to cross: outdoor creative direct delivery: cliff flash shop, London billboards "beaked", "junk island" to establish


Jose Cuervo Agave Fountain

The idea of Jose Cuervo's case is very straightforward – they upgraded three drinking fountains in Los Angeles during the National Tequila Festival, and the modified drinking water point is no longer water, but agave! Unexpected accidents, surprises are not a surprise!


Creative advertising is permeable and circulated. With the attractive ideas, you can quickly spread the vines in the form of vines on the Internet. And let the advertising elements go deeper.