First, outdoor advertising in the digital world.

    Nancy Fletcher, CEO of the American Outdoor Advertising Association, and Sean Reilly, Rama's outdoor CEO, gave a speech on "defining the outdoors."

    Russian TMG CEO Alexander Epin showed his country's case.

    Germany's Stroer co-CEO Christian Schimalzl, India Selvel One Chairman Noomi Mehta, Australian Outdoor Media Association CEO Charmaine Moldrich, Africa Dentsu Network Media Fuse CEO Emeka Okeke and other countries from the global outdoor advertising market, competing to share their country's outdoor Development status and trends.

    Regrettably, no representative from China came to the stage to share with you. In fact, we can introduce a lot to the world.

    Second, the digital revolution in the outdoors.

    Mark Boidman, who specializes in media and technology investments, shares the theme of outdoor mergers and acquisitions.

    Nick Mawditt of Talon Outdoors gave a report on “Smarter and Standardized – Building an Outdoor Digital Future”.

    DPAA CEO Barry Frey gave a speech on "DPAA (Placement Digital Advertising Association) - Location-Based Media".

    The digitalization of outdoor is a constant hot topic. How to better digitize is an issue of concern to everyone.


Third, return to the ambition of outdoor creativity.

    Dino Burbidge, Director of Innovation and Technology from WCRS, introduced the nomination for the FEPE Creative Awards.

    Fourth, it is easy to plan and purchase and transfer outdoors.

    Kailuo Global President William Swayne called on everyone to work together to achieve win-win results in a digital economy.

    OUTDOOR PLUS CCO Helen Weisinger tells you how to integrate and synchronize outdoor and other media.

    Richard Brooke, Director of Media Operations and Strategy, Unilever Europe, shared the outdoor and sustainable communication.

    The audience insights and programmatic purchases of the two major sections, the conference dedicated to thematic interactive discussion, guests from Geopath, Degao, Clear Channel, Kathy, Posterscope, OUTSIGHT and other media owners, agents and research institutions.

    Domestic and international themes about how to make outdoor media planning, purchasing and content transfer easier, such as big data and programmatic buying, are not just about discussion, but actually sharing results, such as from the United States. Eyes On's evolution of Geopath, Bitposter's outdoor real-time trading platform, etc., is not just a matter of sitting, but also a good way to go.


In the midst of intertwining, outdoor cafes from all over the world gathered together and suddenly felt that the earth was small at the moment.

     Finally, the on-site technology exhibition.


This is an outdoor audience monitoring company from France.

     Others include Ayuda, Bitposter, Samsung, Smartlink, CUENDE, Bright Green Technology and more.


     There are not many equipment manufacturers, care about quality, from here you can also see the grade of FEPE.

     Interestingly, China's Ai Biesen is on the list and sent European representatives. It seems that domestic equipment manufacturers are beginning to realize the importance of FEPE. This is a very good start.