Spotify song list global screen

This is a case that the Media Plus family has just analyzed in detail: Do you think that the music review is a patent of Netease? Spotify has already started doing it! Spotify, a global streaming music service provider, uses big data to mine user sentiment and these Insights turned into a straightforward copy of the text to the streets of the world. Whether it is a warm and meticulous life advice, or the political opinions of the needles in the cotton, they are all in the "painting wall" advertisement of Spotify this year.


Delta Air Lines Dating Network Red Wall

The second case is from Delta Air Lines. Together with Tinder, they painted a red wall in the streets of Brooklyn, New York – on the wall are nine exotic travel destinations. Singles living in New York can take selfies in front of the red wall and upload them to their dating files. This makes you look like you love life, like to travel, and people who like to travel are not too bad!


Hinge long copy positioning ads

When it comes to dating sites, Hinge's long-form outdoor advertising has to be mentioned. Writing a full copy on the wall seems to be popular all over the world in 2017. The interesting point of this case is that the content of the copy is related to the actual location of the outdoor advertisement: for example, the “bowling” is mentioned in the copy, and the advertisement is thrown outside the bowling alley. This is not very wit! There is a detailed analysis here: global outdoor creativity | New York * super long copy wall, bridge changed harp, intelligent sidewalk can save people


Smirnoff roars Trump

Smirnoff is a world-renowned vodka brand. The brand has done a "big thing" this year. They bought a lot of outdoor advertising resources, but used to express their high political opinions, such as slamming the scandal of the Trump administration suspected of collaborating with the Russian Putin regime. The brand involves politics, and a slight deviation will always be self-defeating, but this case is just right!


Netflix is a joke

In 2017, Netflix's ads played very hard, and outdoor advertising was no exception. One of the activities was the "Netflix is a joke" on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. This seemingly controversial ad is naturally appealing, and when your curiosity is mobilized, you will take the initiative to pay attention to what Netflix* is busy with! Originally this series of ads was used to promote Netfilx. Original comedy, so you understand the meaning of "jokes" here!