Along with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the mobile Internet traffic dividends that the major enterprises rely on have gradually disappeared. The concept of word-of-mouth marketing came into being when the traffic acquisition price became more and more expensive. In order to improve the ROI transformation of enterprises, considering the long-term stable development of enterprises, many enterprises have begun to turn their attention to the huge energy flow bins like the campus market.

In 2018, campus marketing broke out in the absence of smoke, and the rise of grass culture in the Internet aboriginal circle after the 95th 00th gathering on campus, the energy of campus market word-of-mouth marketing was instantly magnified. So how can companies make good use of the huge energy of the flow warehouse to do the brand building of the enterprise? How to make good use of this huge energy of the flow bin to enhance the positive reputation of the company itself? For the campus market word-of-mouth marketing, the campus full-media platform provides some reference suggestions:


1. The product of campus word-of-mouth marketing is supreme

The reputation of a strong brand company in the campus market must be positive. The ultimate goal of doing campus marketing is to bring more positive reputation to its brand building. Therefore, the products of Iron Strike are the first step to do a good job in campus word-of-mouth marketing, starting from the product itself. Firstly, the enterprise products should be positioned in the campus market. In terms of product functions, attributes, advantages, etc., the product structure optimization should be done in line with the college students' groups. The campus marketing plan should be planned in combination with the concerns of the college students' consumer groups. Recognized, get the consumption and support of college students' consumer groups, and word of mouth will naturally develop in a good direction.


2, the content of campus word of mouth marketing is king

Campus word-of-mouth marketing is the brand enterprise's filtering or implanting brand impressions for college students' consumer groups. The enterprises and campus users who have not touched the campus users are mutually strange. The students do not understand the corporate brand, and the brand is not clear that they are after 95. The image position of the post-college students. At this time, it is necessary to change the situation of such a double vision through the output of high-quality content. Before this, we must understand the difference between the campus market and the traditional market. The consumption groups of college students pay more attention to quality consumption in consumption, and enterprises can output content when they are Focus on the corporate culture values, the core competitiveness of the company's products, the positive image of the company's society, these aspects are considered. This has a great effect on the word-of-mouth communication of the university students.

Behind the explosion of the national tide is because the national tide represents the consumption concept of a new generation of young consumers, and the national tide is consistent with the consumption concept of the contemporary young consumer group. Therefore, when doing campus word-of-mouth marketing, enterprises pay more attention to the consumption concept of young college students, and the content optimization guides them to the consumption concept of college students.


3. Effective communication of campus word-of-mouth marketing

The communication channels of campus word-of-mouth marketing should be determined according to the characteristics of the products. The communication channels of different products are different from the media. For example, the word-of-mouth marketing of topical products can be basically satisfied through the communication of campus community, campus KOL, campus self-media and other forms. However, the big brands with strong strengths are suitable for campus promotion activities, creating a fiery atmosphere in the activities, increasing the budget on hard and wide launch, and maximizing the endorsement of corporate brand trust. Campus word-of-mouth marketing is a process that needs to be constantly improved and improved. The topic is created through activities, the topic is guided by the benign communication, the communication effect is tracked in real time, and the data analysis after the marketing activity ends, so that the campus marketing activities and the corporate brand reputation are organically combined. The purpose of corporate campus word of mouth marketing.


Conclusion: In the word-of-mouth marketing of enterprises, enterprises meet the consumption demands and consumption values of college students, and make good use of the huge energy of campus traffic warehouses to enhance the positive and positive reputation of corporate brands in campus marketing, which can not only improve the conversion rate and authority of enterprises. To build a perfect and three-dimensional brand image for enterprises, it can also directly enhance the influence of corporate brands in the hearts of college students' consumer groups, and form a virtuous cycle of campus word-of-mouth marketing.