On May 10, 2018, solstice, 11, the China council for the promotion of international trade held a training event on policy interpretation and analysis of china-us trade relations of the pilot free trade zone in chongqing. This is ccpit free-trade test area in chongqing service center, to create the first targeted public training activities, aimed at free trade zone construction service, response to the appeal of free trade on management department and the enterprise, helping local full implementation of the central and state council on speeding up free trade area of the deployment, beneficial parties to accurately understand and grasp the latest policy on free trade area development under the state council, for the enterprise on sino-us trade present situation and the method to deal with.


The training was sponsored by ccpit trade and investment promotion department and jointly organized by ccpit training center, ccpit chongqing pilot free trade zone service center and ccpit chongqing.

The training has received active attention from all sides inside and outside the jurisdiction of chongqing. Chongqing free trade office and the pilot free trade zone sent staff to participate in the training activities. About 120 participants from the government administration, small, medium and large enterprises, legal services and research institutes attended the training. Experts in the course include mei mi, deputy director of the institute of American and oceanian studies at the academy of international trade, ministry of commerce; gong baihua, professor of international law at the law school of fudan university; and luo zhenxing, director of the department of economics at the American institute, Chinese academy of social sciences. The main content of the training involves the current domestic and foreign economic and legal hot issues, including: explain the development strategy of China's pilot free trade zone, interpret the ministry of commerce no. 483, introduce the advanced development experience of foreign free trade zones and explore the construction Suggestions of free trade ports; Introduce the system innovation practice of Shanghai pilot free trade zone, the next reform direction and the construction of free trade port. To interpret the current situation and forecast of china-us economic and trade relations.

According to the scene understanding, the attendance trainee through the scene lectures and with the lecture expert interaction, the benefit is not small, looks forward to the ccpit chongqing free trade pilot zone service center work to do better, for the investment chongqing, promotes the chongqing free trade pilot zone construction development, contributes the positive force.