When the times abandon you, you won’t say goodbye!

Mentioning "La Chapelle", I believe that everyone is no stranger, known as the "Chinese version of ZARA", almost the "must have brand" of major shopping malls. However, it is such a powerful company that has recently made a big deal!

The first is the performance of thunder, La Chapelle handed out a "worst transcript in history." La Chapelle's performance forecast shows that its operating income will fall by more than 20% in the first half of 2019, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be 440 million yuan to 540 million yuan, down by 288.6% to 329.0 compared with the first half of 2018. At the same time, during the same period, the number of online stores under its territory decreased by more than 2,400 net than that at the end of 2018.

Then there is the crazy closing shop. Since the second half of 2018, La Chapelle has increased the number of stores; in 2019, La Chapelle closed nearly 1,900 stores in the first quarter, and closed more than 2,400 stores in the first half of the year. More than 13 stores!

The capital market has also opened a big diving. Less than two years after the listing, the market value has fallen to 3 billion yuan, less than a quarter of the time when the A-share market was listed, and nearly plunged nearly 80%!



The gift of all destiny is marked with the price in the dark. The decline of La Chapelle today has laid the foundation for his past glory.

La Chapelle’s departure is a great leap forward route of “staking a horse”.

The first is to open a shop crazy. Before 2011, La Chapelle had only 3 women's wear brands and 1,841 stores. In 2016, the number of outlets reached 8,902. In 2017, the number of stores in La Chapelle reached a peak of 9,448. By the end of 2018, the number of stores reached 9,059.

The second is to develop multiple brands through “buy and buy”. Ten years ago, La Chapelle had only three women's brands, La Chapelle, Puella and Candie's, but now it has five women's La Chapelle, Puella, 7 Modifier, La Babité and 23 / 63 Candie's, three men's JACK WALK, Brands such as Pote, MARC ECK and children's clothing 8eM.


In addition to clothing brands, La Chapelle has expanded significantly in other areas. Such as strategic investment in the high-end fashion lifestyle brand tannni, the famous Italian coffee brand Segafredo and the women's underwear recommended shopping guide platform "Oxygen Bra", also invested in the shared rental platform "Doraemon", Internet glasses brand INMIX, and private equity fund Lang Sheng Investment and so on.

Of course, this "Great Leap Forward" model is very effective in the early stages of development. It can quickly open up the market and expand its popularity. Chinese traditional brands such as Li Ning and Daphne are also the most popular.

However, the problem is that with the advent of the Internet era, online consumption has become a new trend, and intensive offline channels cannot be an advantage, but instead become a burden. Once the sales go down, it will bring huge inventory costs.


The product is also a hard injury of La Chapelle. Consumers generally reflect that the cost performance of La Chapelle is too bad. Not only is the style more and more ugly, it can't keep up with the times, and the price is still so high.

"It’s not a good deal to buy La Chapelle’s clothes. It’s not as good as zara, it’s more expensive than zara.”

"I am going to buy clothes in the Chinese New Year, look at a coat, the style is general, play 50% off, I look at the price, the original price is more than 4,000, the price is too high."

"I saw a 50% discount on clothes and I still have 1999. I really don't think it is worth it."

"Taobao is all La Chapelle's cut-out clothes, one fold and two folds, and La Chapelle's clothes are the most in the foreign trade shop."

This is the aftermath of the large-scale expansion of the enterprise. It is a big, natural way to do well, and it has won the speed and lost the quality of the shoes.


The decline of generations of giants has once again proved - no undefeated business model, no myth of the foundation of evergreen!

Winning or losing does not matter. The rise of these traditional giants relies on large-scale staking, but when the times change and the industry advances, the drawbacks of this extensive development will be revealed. The popular brand will inevitably be pursued with individuality and high quality. Consumers are abandoning.

However, everything is possible. Li Ning, the former industry leader, has made a comeback after the decline and the fall of the altar. From the huge loss of 3 billion to the revenue of 10 billion, it has created a myth.