Wenchuang Management x Brand Investment

Thoughts on the Management of Urban Cultural Landmarks with Chains Not Replicated


Founded in 1989, Eslite adheres to the concept of “chain and not copy” as a provider of “life and culture”, and provides a culture for users and property owners with a composite business model of “life and culture”. Rich and diverse service and space atmosphere, I was selected as the "Best Bookstore in Asia" by Time magazine Asia.

Founder Wu Qingyou said: "Eslite Bookstore is not a good case for business school", but he not only opened Eslite Bookstore in more than 40 stores across Taiwan, but also opened to Hong Kong and mainland China, and achieved annual revenue of over RMB 4 billion. The largest bookstore in Asia, and created in Taiwan with a population of 23 million, has more than 120 million passengers a year.

The bookstore is very difficult to make profit, and Eslite creatively creates the "Eslite Life" under the cultural atmosphere created by the bookstore, attracting many leading brands from home and abroad through the cultural and cultural environment, forming a cultural gathering effect. The consumers' deep insights support the local cultural and creative design strength and the growth of innovative brands, forming a synergy between the cultural and creative industries.

In this study tour, we will invite the person in charge of the “Eslite Life” responsible for the screening and introduction of cultural brands to share the strategic thinking of Eslite Life to create regional cultural landmarks, and the investment cooperation of cultural brands and local design brand incubation. Support for creative practical experience.


Wenchuang brand x brand business

How can Wenchuang brand break through small and beautiful and realize business value?

"If you want consumers to feel the beauty of art through their works, they must first create a unique feeling for consumers, and this process is the niche for creating market positioning and marketing." Ren Rongrong, since 1983, in the year of no brand awareness, has invested in professional ceramic tea development and brand management for more than 30 years. With the spirit of ingenuity, we will integrate R&D, design, production and sales into one. We will create the concept of “tea-inducing tea” and continue to practice how traditional products can adapt to new consumer demands and creatively through cross-border design. Tea Party's innovative experience promotes the beauty of oriental tea culture to the international stage, allowing traditional tea culture to return to the young people's life circle in a modern and fashionable way.

More than 100 performances in the world, from Taiwan all the way to Shanghai, Beijing, London, Paris, the response is very enthusiastic, homeopathic under the pottery workshop to create a new tea leaf brand "Bou Er Tang", won the German IF, Japan Gooddesignaward, gold point design Recognized by internationally recognized awards such as the Grand Prize, it has become an international cultural and creative brand with more than 50 direct-operated stores across the Taiwan Strait and hundreds of distribution bases around the world.

In this tour, we will invite Teacher Lin Rongguo to share how to create a brand new young brand through the combination of cross-border, innovation and blending, based on the top-notch ceramic tea brand in Wenchuang. commercial value.


All future companies will be design companies, and in the future business adjustments we will not be able to fully operate the previous industry experience.

Taiwan's creativity is not only creating a beautiful imagination, but also making things that others think are impossible, and making long-term commercial value in an area of more than 20 million people. From the different senses of food cooking, product design, space creation, brand creativity, etc., you can experience the passion of creative people in all fields of Taiwan.