At present, domestic exhibition organizers like to label themselves as international: international XX summit, world XX conference, asia-pacific XX summit BBS. I do not know when "internationalization" has become a gimmick of China's exhibition activities, and more and more organizers "money" is too strong, paying more attention to the quantity of activities rather than quality. Although popularity is of vital importance to the exhibition activities, and the event organizers are particularly happy to emphasize the jump in the number of participants and visitors, if only to gather the number of people, but do not pay attention to the quality of the event, then what is the significance of the existence of an event?

  "Exhibition three new", the voice of the future

When organizing an event, your professionalism is very important, including whether the executive team is professional, whether the invited guests are professional, whether the process of the event is reasonable, and whether the emergency is timely. The second is your innovation. The attraction of the exhibition lies in a "new" word, including embracing new technologies, setting off new highlights and connecting new resources. After an activity is held, the test standard is the site effect of the activity, whether the activity reaches our expected goal.

Embrace new technologies and make activities smarter

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  In 2018, AR/VR, 3D, face recognition and other new technologies are becoming more popular. There are already a number of events in China that incorporate new technologies to make them more attractive. Face recognition system is used to solve the problem of crowded and slow check-in directly. At the same time, VR/AR technology is used to enhance the experience of participants, so as to make up for the shortcomings of traditional exhibition activities, such as the augmented reality layout around the event, the interactive performance of human screen in the event, and so on. These new technologies not only add interest and intelligence to the activities, but also promote the development of the exhibition industry.

Explode new highlights and make people remember you

Impact is very important, in an activity, if the process of the activity like assembly line work general mediocre, I believe will not have a deep impression on anyone, people remember only your highlight, you give him the impact, if you let him feel dull, he will not participate in the next activity. Therefore, an activity needs to be a highlight or novel idea, which will bring visual or spiritual impact to the participants. Just like the ten thousand hand ring at ali's annual conference lighting up the world's largest "wireless screen", luo pangzi's New Year's eve speech opened with video. Whether visually, spiritually, or through interactive experience, creativity is often the most attractive.

  Access to new resources, so that you have a greater voice

As we all know, for the traditional exhibition industry, lighting, sound, site layout, we believe that as long as the event has been held, these hardware resources will come in handy. In fact, compared with such "hard resources", exhibition companies should pay more attention to the development of "soft resources". Tiandao chuangfu group founder once said such a sentence. What is "soft resource"? Soft resource is an activity, you remove the sound equipment such as hardware, can bring heavyweight guests for the activity, can bring strong purpose for the activity of the audience. For example, for the innovation and entrepreneurship activities held by 36kr and tiandao public relations, they can accurately match capital giants and entrepreneurs and optimize the effect of the whole event to the greatest extent. For tiandao public relations companies that undertake government activities all the year round, it is worth learning from traditional exhibition activities companies in terms of professionalism and rigor.

  Docking "soft resources" will become one of the competitiveness of the exhibition industry in the future. In the face of activities in different industries, people of different levels in the industry can be invited to attract large-scale participants. Will be the future exhibition company in the fierce competition to win a trump card.

China exhibition, there is still a long way to go

China has become one of the countries with the largest number and scale of exhibitions in the world. However, due to the lack of industry standards, low threshold, and huge interest temptation, the exhibition industry in the blowout growth, wild growth of various exhibition companies. Despite what at first glance looks like a boom, there is a lot of confusion.

Due to the huge benefits brought by the exhibition economy, many cities blindly build "high standard" exhibition venues regardless of the actual demand, resulting in the excess of venue resources and insufficient utilization rate. Exhibition company sell booths when tend to take to the exhibition "excuse me", put a small, no brand exhibition disguised as "tall" exhibition, the exhibitors in later, found that low level, small scale, the exhibition organizers industry well-known enterprises mentioned most did not attend, the actual scale levels do not tally with the propaganda seriously, hit the exhibitors of enthusiasm. Even some exhibitors in order to achieve the purpose of publicity, various means emerge in an endless manner, there are some vulgar performances, on-site hawking, naked models, is the "international" exchange meeting, do a vegetable market.

  In terms of professionalism, innovation, and inclusiveness, China still cannot compare with the world's top exhibition and exhibition power. China's consumer exhibition still occupies the market main body, but professional new technology exhibition and trade exhibition is the standard to measure the national economic strength. How to change the current extravagance and waste, exaggerated propaganda, vulgar atmosphere in the industry is the great test that China needs to face to enter the exhibition power.