At present, with the continuous development of the society, no matter what industry or market is in a very tense competitive situation, if you want to make your products occupy a certain hungry position in the market and win the favor of the public, you must pay more attention to the role of advertising. Good advertising will make the product feel more than half the effort, and it will also impress consumers. A good advertising can make the product cause a desire to purchase for the consumer's psychology. The quality of an advertisement can directly affect one. Product sales development.

Turn on the TV, turn on the phone, even we walk on the road, various products, various types of various advertisements, we can be seen everywhere, just because more and more advertisements are full of our lives, as consumers, we pay more attention to it. The advertisements bring us psychological enjoyment. Outdoor advertising is one of the more common forms. It is more intuitive and interesting to convey product information to consumers. Many outdoor advertisements are very good, and creativity is not only bold. And novel and unique, it is very eye-catching, today we will look at the classics in the advertising of all walks of life at home and abroad. Super milk advertisement

Anando milk is a brand in India. Milk is a concern of many consumers. If you want to promote anando milk better and increase the sales of this milk product, you must plan your advertising marketing to make more consumers. Knowing the milk brand of anando, and deepening the consumer's family, increasing the sales of children in the Indian family, we must make the most extreme advertising. For the Indian children's group, anando's brand company, the McCann Erickson advertising company, has designed a very creative advertisement to surprise many families.


In the picture, the tall three-dimensional billboards make people exclaimed! A little boy can push the middle of a tall building halfway up and mark the brand name of anando milk on the building, which means that the little boy is drinking strong oil after the drinking of anando, even if it is powerful, the advertisement exaggerates the milk. The role, but left a deep impression on the consumer. Also directly started the reputation of anando milk! 2. National Insurance Company Advertising

The US National Insurance Company uses large outdoor billboards. From the pictures, we can see that the huge billboards are painted in different colors. There is a bucket of paint that falls directly down, on the ground, in the car, everywhere. Yes. Such a billboard tells us that it is possible to fall down on the paint buckets on the road. We must never know this kind of thing in advance. For the sake of our life safety, we must pay more attention. More importantly, we still need to buy more insurance, accidents. Every day, disasters come back at any time, and buying insurance is the truth.


This advertisement of the National Insurance Company of the United States played a big role in the sales of national insurance. For a period of time, the insurance sales were busy, and this advertising effect should also play an important role in the marketing strategy.