1. Best of the Year: Japanese cool entity outdoor advertising

Traditional outdoor advertising is believed to have been seen a lot. Recently, a group of creative ninja show outdoor advertisements on the street building in Shibuya District, Tokyo, Japan, attracted many visitors to watch. Whenever the cross street waits for a red light, a ninja will suddenly appear on the outer wall of the building, and then a cool show will be launched.

The advertisement was jointly created by the Japanese travel website "WOW!JAPAN" in conjunction with NTT DOCOMO, Japan's largest mobile communication operator. The advertisement was synthesized by means of physical advertising technology and image interaction technology, combining mysterious Japanese ninja with modern technology. Full of interaction and full of creativity.


2. RXBAR: Outdoor advertising without copywriting

The outdoor advertising of the energy bar RXBAR is also simple and rude. His copy can be said to be simple, but it is also the consistent style of the factory. RXBAR's new promotion "NO BS" (not awkward) comes from the establishment of this brand from the very beginning. Advocate: Do not say much, love the land.

3. Skin care Consonant: the most cost-effective outdoor advertising


The outdoor advertising of Canadian skincare brand Consonant is absolutely ingenuity - small ads. Regardless of whether it is a creative work or a limited budget, this group of outdoor creative advertisements has a high degree of appreciation. The only problem is that if this is done in China, it is likely to be drowned in small advertisements for renting, searching and paying for money. Outdoor advertising has a certain media endorsement effect, and the practice of small advertising cannot be rushed.


4. OkCupid social networking site: outdoor big-name whitewashing road for internet applications

The outdoor advertising of this website can not help but remind people of the former Momo, was positioned yp software, and later used advertising to wash white. Because of the certain formal media effect, outdoor advertising is the medium of choice for many mobile phone applications and Internet products during the brand upgrade process. For such advertisers, the endorsement effect of outdoor advertising takes precedence over the traffic it brings.



5. British Airways EasyJet: Specular Reflection

In order to attract attention, the British airline has made an outdoor advertisement that is not easy to understand, but must be "mirror reflection" to understand the content of this advertisement. For this kind of outdoor advertising with high utilization environment, the copying is very difficult, and the recommendation of the internal reference is also: no rash.