Advertising is always a must-have topic for both marketers and operators. For decades, everyone has been discussing this topic. How to maximize the effectiveness of advertising is what many people dream of, especially now. The online and offline advertising fees have skyrocketed.

1 repeated delivery of ads

Large-scale advertising has a core goal: to let people remember your branded products, that is, to occupy the user's mind.

And this requires you to repeat your ads in a centralized manner. The most typical is Shi Yuzhu’s melatonin advertisement: “This year’s festival does not receive gifts, and the gift only receives melatonin.” I have tortured me for nearly 10 years. Anyway, everyone remembered it, and it worked well and was impressive.

The repetition mentioned here mainly consists of 3 points:

1) Duplication of advertising content: For a period of content, the advertisement always carries around a core point or core goal, not including all content in one advertisement.

Many people like to put everything in the advertisement, so they are afraid that others can't see it. They don't know it. Now, the time for advertising is getting less and less, and consumers are more and more forgetful. So the key point is equal to one. There is no key point, your advertisement is a hodgepodge, no smell.

2) Repeated delivery for a long time: I like to change advertisements constantly. It is a common problem for many companies to advertise. The problem is that you don’t know what to express. You don’t know who you are, and consumers are even more embarrassed. Forcing them, they will not even remember who you are. Sorry, you are always blurred in their brains.

When an advertisement comes out, it takes a period of accumulation to see the effect. Without repeating it is impossible to achieve memory. If you want to occupy the user's mind, you have to occupy the user's time. Don't be a strategy today, a strategy tomorrow, constant change, costly and laborious.


2 voice delivered by the voice

First of all, one thing to point out is that this voice does not refer to the sound in the video advertisement, but the voice inside the consumer's mind. He will remember deeply and blurt out from time to time.

Before Mumu also said that vision will not spread. Spoken language is undoubtedly the most important source of information dissemination in today's society. Many of our brand advertisements and image advertisements are not only for the user to listen to, but more importantly, let your audience speak to the people around him, and catchy. This is very, very important. It sounds boring, but it is extremely scary.

Therefore, I feel more and more that the previous visual upgrade may be biased towards the eye, but now I have to consider hearing, but also focus on it.

The key to marketing communication lies in transmission. It is word of mouth. If it is only a visual sense, there is no hearing above, then the efficiency will be very low. It is good to know that the advertisement can be said.

Let's talk about video advertising first. This is a voice, but the voice inside the consumer's mind is not the sound of advertising in this video, but there is such an advertisement that lingers in your mind to form a voice. For example, the popular hot-selling used car advertisement is that even if the video ends, the "upper-up..." voice always exists.


3 Don't think your brand is big enough

First of all, the market competition is so fierce, consumers are so easy to be turned away. If someone else advertises and you don't do it, then consumers will pay more and more attention to your competitors and choose to ignore you, then you will be tragedy.

Secondly, many times, the consumer's shopping behavior is very random and accidental. You don't want to remind you from time to time that you don't strengthen your image in the head of the consumer, then he may slowly forget you. Don't feel how loyal users are to you, or whether they are pessimistic.

There is not such a sentence, saying that "men do not care about loyalty, loyalty is because the weight of betrayal is too low, women do not have loyalty, and loyalty is because the temptation is not enough." Okay I'm sorry!

In addition, the consumer market is expanding and changing. If you don't advertise, then the new consumer is taken away. You are guarding your old customers for the New Year. Moreover, as the market changes, your advertising strategy must also change. You must know that advertising is not only for sales, but also for brands, and ideas. The bigger your brand, the more you need to pay attention to it.