The boss of the enterprise, the core to do three things, can be determined, the first one is to choose people to use; two things, decentralization, money; three things, the direction of the overall situation. It can be seen how important and key it is for a boss to manage a business. All know that talent is the first capital of an enterprise and the most dynamic competitive factor of an enterprise. The achievements and mistakes of the enterprise are all done by the people. The selection of the employer is the boss's first skill.

The selection and employment of people is an important part of corporate management, and key issues, organizational personnel and strategic decision-making are considered to be the core functions of enterprise management. It can be seen that the importance of personnel management for business management, the selection criteria, and the way of employing people are the concrete manifestations of the management philosophy of each management style management philosophy, reflecting the management experience and leadership wisdom of managers.


The marketing department is the frontline department where enterprises participate in the forefront of market competition. The requirements for personnel quality, ability and personality have their own unique characteristics, the challenging nature of their work, the complexity of their work objects, and the sociality. Practitioners are required to have considerable work enthusiasm and considerable resistance to stress. Only with strong personal ambition and considerable struggle spirit, with certain social experience and psychological understanding, with strong practical ability and creative ability to solve problems, with a strong spirit of hard work and professionalism, with these qualities, Have the basic conditions to be a good salesperson.


As a marketing team manager, there are talents who are different from others, identify the eye of the seedlings, and recruit qualified talents for the company. The next step is how to effectively use these talents, give full play to their value potential, and provide them with the ability to display their talents. The support platform is the responsibility of the manager.

Enterprise management, leading the team, the first condition needs to recruit the right person, then give him a pragmatic goal, give him enough incentives, enough pressure, through the task indicators, through the reward and punishment system, in the strong interest stimulus, professional honor incentive Under the guidance of scientific and effective working methods, we must create outstanding performance contributions for enterprises.

Find the right people, give them the right tasks, give them the right method strategy, add enough pressure, enough incentives, the team will be able to live up to expectations, play a super-level energy, and contribute to the expected performance contribution.