Differences between advertising and marketing:

1. Different definitions

Advertising is to advertise, to inform the general public of something. Marketing refers to the process in which an enterprise discovers or excavates the needs of quasi-consumers, promotes and sells products from the creation of the overall atmosphere and the form of its own products, mainly to dig deep into the connotation of products and meet the needs of quasi-consumers, so as to let consumers deeply understand the products and then buy the products.

2. Different aging

Marketing to a single specific period as the standard, whether during this period has not achieved the purpose of sales or profit, the future sales are not considered, is the immediate effect. Advertising is often a delayed effect, that is, this year's advertising costs put down, not necessarily immediately effect, the result is often a year later, and even let many consumers firmly remember.

Links between advertising and marketing:

Advertising is an integral part of corporate marketing. Advertisement should cooperate with other promotion means, and realize the marketing target of the enterprise together with product, price and channel, that is, the advertisement should be put in the whole marketing background to discuss its rule.

The purpose of advertising is to promote sales, so the advertising strategy should be combined with the whole marketing goal, around the marketing goal, with other marketing means, in order to achieve better results. Breaking away from corporate marketing objectives to run advertising is bound to fail. Only in the perspective of marketing to understand advertising, can be targeted.


The development direction

First, from the perspective of the main body of marketing, enterprises are the main body of marketing units are generally traditional marketing. Of course, traditional marketing is not the only main body of marketing, for example, various organizations and individuals coexist and develop together is the main unit of marketing.

Second, from the perspective of marketing objects, the objects of enterprise marketing are no longer single products and services but various valuable things that can be used effectively.

Third, from the perspective of marketing operation, marketing is no longer a pure traditional marketing means. But the mixture of contemporary all sorts of marketing gimmickry, for instance popular network sale, telemarketing, wireless sale, sound move sale, OAO, membership makes sale to wait a moment, these sale means, general big enterprise can choose to undertake collocation with traditional sale flexibly at the same time the means that gives most suit enterprise sale.

Fourth, unaware of the development of the marketing, the marketing development of who also can't say for sure what will happen, the answer to the clear who also dare not to give, even experts he or she is not sure of the future will happen, because it is very simple in philosophy: "the development of things is always unknown change".

Fifth, from the perspective of the development of marketing, people constantly solve difficulties in the process of continuous practice, and summarize theories in the process of solving difficulties and various marketing practices, so as to continuously sublimate and develop all kinds of marketing theories. At the same time, the theory continues to progress and people use this kind of sublimated theory to guide marketing practice.