Generally, a company's marketing activities are carried out along with the company's development plan, such as doing an event to attract some new fans and so on. So, how about proceeding with a marketing campaign if you have to go deeper?

Today, Mingmei is infinitely sharing its thoughts on some of the marketing activities and sharing it with everyone.

Activity threshold setting


If it is a brand owner or an enterprise platform with a certain reputation and influence, then it is necessary to add some participation threshold when setting a new event. For example, in addition to being a VIP member of my company, I will also set a VIP level to participate in the competition, and I will be eligible to participate in the event under the same conditions. Or add some qualifications, such as Weibo forwarding lottery qualifications, and how many people in WeChat friends circle to participate. Of course, the attraction of this is undoubted, it can be the temptation of a grand prize, or a star meeting, even the birthday of the month and gifts, etc. These are the rules of entry for the event. .

Raise hardcore fans offline


As your business grows larger, there will be a division or a designated marketing location in each city. If you are going to a fan-raising event, you can bring in the hardcore fans of the city. The significance of convening these hardcore fans is that these fans will spare no effort to promote the branding of the company during the event. For example, you organize some fans of the birthday of the month and make a birthday of a corporate brand. At the same time as the selection of the threshold, these hardcore fans will play a great role in promoting. For example, it will promote the brand image of the company, and it will also greatly enhance the attractiveness of the company's activities. This will undoubtedly reduce your marketing advertising costs a lot.

Vacuuming during activity


When your event is in full swing, the event will come in addition to the old fans, of course, there may be many new fans coming to understand. At this time, in the hot stage of the event, your routine can come. For example, with the fans on the scene asking to set up a group, the group members who are pulling at least 50 people, of course, the number is as good as possible. Then, we must also pull the staff into this group, issue red envelopes, active atmosphere, etc., and publicize this brand marketing campaign. Of course, fans of this group also have certain reward drivers. Therefore, in this comprehensive view, fans go to the event to participate in the event, not only have gifts to take, but also inform the other fans of the information of this event, then the next many activities can be prepared for community marketing It is.

Many of the company's marketing activities are adjusted as the market changes, but the change is not the same: the promotion of powder promotion. How to grasp the highest ROI of an event is also an important aspect that every marketer needs to weigh. Of course, the activity routine of each game is also contingent.

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