TV advertisement is a kind of advertisement with TV as the medium and a form of electronic advertisement. He is a way of information communication that combines audio-visual effects and USES language, sound, text, image, action, performance and other comprehensive means to spread information. Television advertisements need to be produced before they are broadcast (released).



Viewers must abandon everything and never leave the television set when watching TV programs. His attention should not be divided between the book or the vegetable pot, otherwise, he either missed the TV plot or Fried the food.

Television is through the visual and auditory sense of both, for the audience, the effect of advertising is of course more intense than newspapers, radio.


After dinner, families go for a walk and talk. The rest of the time is spent watching TV. We used to miss the days when adults would chat together in the evenings, young people would sing and dance together, and children would play hide-and-seek in the streets. Now they watch TV nine times out of ten in the evening.

Many of you must remember the days when the TV series "longing" was broadcast. Children and adults were watching it.

On the evening of 30, the fireworks will not be set off. After eating dumplings, the whole family will get together to watch the CCTV party. The breadth of the audience, we can not think of any other big event can exceed the New Year's eve CCTV ratings.

Save the sex

Average person thinks TV picture, do not have save a gender, but also somebody thinks: because of its seeing and hearing union, give a person with intense feeling, since the content of newspaper can remember, TV advertisement is broadcast every night, also have save a gender, save a gender to attribute in the impression of people.


Television advertising, because can clearly see the image of the product and advertising actors, the audience can make a deep degree of independent evaluation of the product, advertising has a strong intuitive effect. Nowadays, advertisements made by celebrities are also popular. The values of celebrities have changed, and the values of ordinary working people are not the same as before. Goods often because of a famous actor love to eat or wear and popular, advertising effect natural extraordinary.

Television advertising tells its content visually, audibly and dynamically, so it is three times more effective than radio. That is why television advertising costs more than radio. (there is, of course, a broader and more concentrated audience.) In addition to the above points, television advertising has some unique characteristics:

A. the children with the highest ratings can convey the advertising content to adults, especially the cartoon series.

B. can obtain social trust. Besides the trust of average family, still can win the trust of wholesaler, retailer, because we always have such a kind of feeling, when a company or a kind of commodity is advertisement medium with airwave, it is the advanced product that the big company with outstanding reputation or qualitative excellent price makes the same score necessarily. However, we often hear such sighs: "I really want to watch TV, but nothing else can be done once I watch TV." Mr. Wang bought a TV ten years ago. When he first bought it, Mr. Wang and his son watched it together until all the stations said "goodbye. This is probably a revolt against the exclusivity of television.

The so-called old don't go to the new don't come, when we are used to a large number of advertising and come, our eyes and ears seem to have been numb, turn a blind eye, turn a deaf ear.

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