Concise concise

The slogan should be concise and to the point. Not short is not easy to repeat, remember and spread. Advertising language does not have too many requirements in the form, can be single sentence or sentence. Generally speaking, the advertising language of the word to 6-12 words (words) appropriate, generally not more than 12. Such examples can be seen everywhere, can be widely circulated in the society of advertising language is basically very short. Such as China's well-known national enterprise haier group advertising language "haier - sincere forever"; Ericsson mobile phone "communication is love"; Nike "Just do it"; Head & shoulders shampoo, "dandruff off, great hair," etc., and at the very least one word, like IBM's "Think," is very concise. In response to the words: "what is condensed is the essence!"

See to understand

The text of an advertisement must be clear and simple, easy to read, easy to use, current and not too abstract, and acceptable to the general educated. Advertising language should use familiar words and expressions to make the sentence fluent and clear. Avoid new words, new words, professional words, obscure words, and words that are easily ambiguous. Also can't play word game, reluctantly pursue rhyme. The west iron city watch once used such an advertising slogan "high quality new world praise, international watch west iron city" because too pursue the tone of the horizontal fluctuation, make this advertising slogan gives the person the overall feeling is very obscure, is a failure of the west iron city company. And the advertisement language of a few companies is because its are plain, close to life to spread very wide. For example, the famous nestle coffee advertisement "tastes great", which seems to be a family member or friend recommending her favorite to you with a knowing smile. It is easy to understand and very friendly. Similar examples are wahaha's "mom, I want to drink" and so on, which sounds like little things that happen around us every day. It promotes the product and spreads it easily.

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Advertising language should be fluent, catchy, pay attention to pronunciation, intonation, phonological collocation, etc., so as to be readable and catch the audience's eye and heart. It is not difficult to find that many advertising slogans are about rhyme, such as "nongfu spring, a little sweet", "good air conditioning, gree made" and so on, bow is. It's clear.

Novel and unique

Choose the slogan that provides the most information to people and work on the word "new". Such as new products or old products of the new use, new design, new style. The expression form of advertising language should be unique, the sentence position and expression method should be creative, avoid copying hard cover, can have appropriate epigram and pun, xiehouyu, etc., to cater to the curiosity and imitation of the audience, arouse the resonance of the soul. For example, a telephone "do not miss the opportunity", cleverly using the word "machine" pun; For example, some years ago, the popular "wanjiale, wanjiawan" sentence before and after the use of true and ring, not only contains the brand name and catchy, "wanjiale" implied meaning is very warm. A successful advertisement diao brand washing powder in the sentence "mom, I can help you work" not only with the product function and reflects the deep feeling between mother and son, I do not know how many people touched.

But in the pursuit of uniqueness, relevance at the same time to pay attention to the selection of appropriate. One of the ads for red bull drinks reads, "I want red bull for my car," and while there is a correlation between putting gas in your car and giving yourself a boost of energy, it always sounds uncomfortable.

Outstanding theme

The title of an advertisement is a high generalization of the main body of the advertisement. The main body and information of the advertisement it summarizes must be clearly concentrated. When people see it, they can understand what the advertisement mainly promotes. An advertising slogan can choose different appeal points, that is, to emphasize different things, but always to highlight one aspect. For instance the advertisement language of water heater of divine land "safe province gas again", let a person very easily collect the distinctive place of water heater, and held the special requirement that consumer is right character respect. Another example is nokia's advertising slogan "technology is people-oriented". Although this sentence was not put forward by nokia first, it showed the company's entrepreneurial philosophy to consumers, making them have a sense of trust in the company and its product quality and after-sales service.

In today's information age, advertising has been deeply into all aspects of social life. It USES concise and vivid language to show the characteristics and characters of commodities and express consumers' wishes and requirements. It USES emotional language to attract and infect audiences, which not only makes people understand and trust commodities, but also becomes a kind of social culture.

The creation of advertising slogan is a work that needs inspiration and constant innovation. The style and form of advertising slogan has no fixed pattern, and it needs practitioners to constantly create and improve in specific work.